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Lauren Dake

Lauren Dake is a political reporter and producer for Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Before OPB, Lauren spent nearly a decade working as a print reporter. She’s covered politics and rural issues in Oregon and Washington. She’s spent time in a maximum-security prison in Bogota, Colombia (for a story!) and sat in a sweat lodge on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation.

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Recent Articles

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As Oregon Touts Yoga At Out-Of-State Facility For Foster Youth, Utah Cites Mistreatment

A report from Oregon Child Welfare officials paints a rather rosy picture of a facility in Utah where most of Oregon’s out-of-state foster youth are housed. That impression of Red Rock Canyon School in St. George, Utah, stands in stark contrast to a much more damning picture revealed in an account from Utah’s Department of Human Services.

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Senate Democrats Appear To Give Up Gun Control, Vaccine Bills To Get GOP Back

Democratic leaders in the Oregon Senate have agreed to give up high-profile bills on gun control and vaccines in exchange for the end of a Republican walkout

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Republicans Have Left The Building, Now They Need To Figure Out How To Come Back

Republicans must now navigate how to gracefully return to the Oregon Capitol while ensuring their walkout accomplishes something, at least in the eyes of voters.

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'OPB Politics Now:' Republicans Walked Out, But Now What?

On this week's episode, we look at the Republican walkout at the Oregon Capitol. Who wins, who loses and how does it all end? 

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Oregon Republicans Signal What Might Bring Them Back To Senate

Oregon Senate Republicans who have left the state Capitol — and possibly the state — to prevent a vote on a multibillion-dollar business tax have released a list of demands to Democrats.

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Guns Drawn On Oregon Foster Care Children In Out-Of-State Facility In April

A brawl last month at Red Rock Canyon School in St. George, Utah, which housed 24 Oregon foster care children, led to a SWAT team arriving at the facility guns drawn.

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Oregon Senate Republicans Try To Block Vote On School Tax Package

One day before the Oregon Senate is slated to vote on a controversial tax package to fund the state’s public school system, Republicans look to be staging a walkout.

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Oregon House Approves $2 Billion In New Business Taxes For Schools

Oregon lawmakers approved billions of dollars in new business taxes on Wednesday that could inject money into schools to pay for early learning programs and efforts to improve student performance.  

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Oregon Child Welfare Workers Ask Lawmakers For Money To Lower Caseloads

Oregon Child Welfare caseworkers were in Salem on Tuesday urging lawmakers to give their agency more money to help alleviate crushing caseloads.

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Washington Lawmakers Try To Keep Bridge Replacement Talks Alive

Before the Washington state Legislature adjourned late Sunday night, they passed a transportation budget that had $35 million dedicated to renewing the effort to replace the Interstate 5 bridge.

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Oregon Sent Foster Children With Disabilities Out Of State, Hearing Reveals

Tense hearing reveals more details about the Oregon's foster care children who have been sent out of state, including that several children sent away have intellectual or developmental disabilities.

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Gov. Kate Brown Issues Executive Order Aimed At Improving Child Welfare System

Gov. Kate Brown issued an executive order Thursday establishing a Child Welfare Oversight Board charged with improving the state’s beleaguered child welfare system. It will report directly to her. 

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Oregon Foster Care Children Of Color Disproportionately Sent Out Of State

The number of foster care children who are being sent to out-of-state private residential treatment facilities are disproportionately children of color.

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Advocacy Group Alleges Oregon's Foster Care System 'Revictimizes Children'

A national advocacy group filed a class-action lawsuit Tuesday against the Oregon Department of Human Services, alleging the agency revictimizes children in its foster care system and has failed to address documented problems for at least a decade.

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Oregon Lawmakers Want Answers On Out-Of-State Foster Care Kids

Oregon lawmakers want to know why the number of foster care children being sent out-of-state skyrocketed and how a 9-year-old could be sent to Montana for six months without a welfare check.  

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Halfway Home, Oregon Legislators Still Face Huge To-Do List

Roughly halfway through the 2019 Oregon legislative session, April 9 marked the last day most bills could either be moved out of committee or shelved for another year.

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Advocates Say Oregon Foster Child Abandoned, Drugged Out Of State

A 9-year-old Oregon girl in foster care sent to an out of state facility had been largely abandoned and sometimes drugged, advocates say.  The case illustrates the ongoing challenges Oregon has with finding appropriate places of care for vulnerable children.

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'OPB Politics Now:' Gun Bills And A New Secretary Of State

Security in the state Capitol was extra tight this week as lawmakers considered whether to expand the state’s gun control laws.

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Effort Underway To Bring Out-Of-State Foster Kids Home To Oregon

There is an effort underway to bring back home some of Oregon’s foster care children who are placed in out-of-state facilities.