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Lauren Dake

Lauren Dake is a political reporter and producer for Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Before OPB, Lauren spent nearly a decade working as a print reporter. She’s covered politics and rural issues in Oregon and Washington. She’s spent time in a maximum-security prison in Bogota, Colombia (for a story!) and sat in a sweat lodge on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation.

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Has Tennessee Solved Oregon's Foster Care Crisis?

The Oregon child welfare system is in crisis. But now there's some optimism that a shift in mentality — and resources — could help alleviate some of the state’s troubles. Tennessee offers hope. 

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Oregon Legislature To Pay $1.1 Million In Damages To Victims Of Harassment

The Oregon Legislature will pay more than $1.1 million in damages to eight women who were sexually harassed at the state Capitol as part of a settlement agreement with the state’s Bureau of Labor and Industries.

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Oregon Senate President Courtney Takes Medical Leave Amid Scrutiny

Oregon Senate President Peter Courtney is taking a medical leave of absence from the Legislature at a time when he’s under increasing scrutiny for how he handled claims of sexual harassment.

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Oregon Democratic Chair To Lawmakers: Do What's Needed To End Harassment

The chair of the Oregon Democratic Party urged members of the Oregon state Senate on Monday to “take whatever steps are necessary” to show they are committed to eradicating harassment at the state Capitol.

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Rent Control Is Now The Law In Oregon

Gov. Kate Brown has signed rent control and a limit on no cause evictions into law. 

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Oregon Passes 1st-In-Nation Statewide Rent Control

The Oregon House voted 35-25 Tuesday to make Oregon the first state in the nation to adopt statewide rent control and make it harder for landlords to evict tenants without a reason. The law takes effect as soon as the governor signs it.

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Former Oregon Legislative Interns File Suit Alleging Sexual Harassment

The former interns filed a civil lawsuit in Marion County Circuit Court Tuesday saying they were subject to sexual harassment while working for Kruse. Their suit claims legislative leaders failed to protect them.

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Effort Underway To Lower Voting Age In Oregon To 16

There is an effort underway in Salem to change Oregon's legal voting age from 18 to 16 years old.

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Oregon Sending Foster Children To Facilities Accused Of Abuse

Oregon Child Welfare officials are knowingly sending foster care youth to out-of-state facilities where investigators have reported allegations of abuse. 

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Oregon Senators Pass 1st-In-Nation Statewide Rent Control

The Oregon Senate voted 17-11 Tuesday to make Oregon the first state in the nation to adopt statewide rent control. The bill, which goes to the House next, also makes no-cause evictions harder.

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Oregon State Senator Blames Tobacco Taxes For Eric Garner's Death

An Oregon state senator blamed the death of a black man choked by police officers in New York City on high tobacco taxes Thursday in an effort to convince his fellow lawmakers not to increase cigarette taxes.

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Sexual Harassment Training In Salem Upsetting And Offensive

Sexual harassment, and how to prevent it in the future, has been a hot topic in Salem over the past year and a half. But at a recent harassment training, the trainer joked about "snitches (getting) stitches" and left staffers feeling offended and disheartened. 

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Oregon Ships Foster Care Children To Other States — And The Number Is Growing

Oregon doesn't have enough placements for foster care children. So, the state is shipping some of the most vulnerable across state lines. And the number has jumped in recent years. 

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Lawmakers Gear Up To Make Oregon The 1st With Statewide Rent Control

Oregon appears poised to pass first-in-the-nation, statewide rent control legislation.

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Racist Slurs Yelled At Portland High School Basketball Team

When state Sen. Lew Frederick heard the story of racist slurs being yelled at a high school basketball girls team from Portland recently, he wasn’t surprised.

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Oregon Legislators Offer Grim Picture Of Public Schools, And Big Recommendations

A legislative report unveiled Thursday details a grim picture of Oregon's public schools.

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Oregon Legislature Kicks Off Work To Curb Campaign Spending

Gov. Kate Brown, who was part of the state’s most expensive governor’s race, told lawmakers on Wednesday that it’s time to curb the amount of political money spent in the state.

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Oregon Legislative Preview: Democrats In Charge With Ambitious Agenda

The 2019 session of the Oregon Legislature kicks off Jan. 22. With Gov. Kate Brown's re-election and new supermajorities in both chambers, Democrats will bring an ambitious agenda to the Capitol.

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'OPB Politics Now': Oregon Legislative Preview

The Oregon Legislature takes up a jam-packed agenda when it gets underway next week. We’ll give you a quick rundown of the major issues.

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Gov. Kate Brown Demands Big Educational And Environmental Changes

For the first time in her tenure, Gov. Kate Brown has a full four-year term stretching ahead of her — and the State of the State address she gave Monday reflected an ambitious agenda from raising billions to stabilize the state’s public schools to curbing carbon emissions.