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Matt Drenik

Matt Drenik is a musician, part-time writer, lives in Portland, plays in Battleme, and enjoys getting lost in the desert with his wife and dog. Email Matt at mattvondrenik[at] or follow him on Twitter @MDrenik.

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Music, Art, and Design: An Interview with Aaron Draplin and Orion Landau

Two of the country's most talented graphic designers, Orion Landau and Aaron Draplin, join Matt Drenik to chat about art and design in the music industry.

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The new series from HBO reminds opbmusic contributor Matt Drenik that a little rock n roll excess isn't a bad thing.

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Drenik: Creative Freedom or Commercial Appeal? I Chose Palma Violets

Matt Drenik takes us on a ride through the sometimes heartbreaking world of commercial advertising music where creative freedom and commercial appeal often collide.

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Cavity Search Records, Portland's Pioneering Indie Label

Cavity Search Records co-founder Denny Swofford chats with us about the label's history (including the time he almost asked Elliott Smith to re-record Roman Candle) and the future of the industry.

Drenik: Journey To The End Of Pickathon

We gave opbmusic contributor Matt Drenik a 1000 word assignment to cover the Pickathon music festival. He turned in 5000 words on dehydration, dirt, & joy. This is his epic journey.  

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Matt Drenik successfully navigates the fascinating, sometimes dark, and seemingly endless morass that is the Craigslist musicians section.


Drenik: Neko vs. The Volcano

What are the acceptable boundaries of cell phone use at concerts in a new media world?