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Meerah Powell

Meerah Powell is a general assignment and breaking news reporter for OPB. She previously worked as a news reporter and podcast producer for Eugene Weekly in her hometown of Eugene, Oregon. Along with writing and audio work, Meerah also has experience with photography and videography. She graduated from the University of Oregon's School of Journalism and Communication. Send Meerah story ideas at

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Recent Articles

local | News

Oregon's Population Is Growing, But Not As Fast As Before

Oregon's population grew by more than 40,000 people over the last year. Still, it's seen a slower growth than in the recent past.

NW Life | local | News

Report: Former Clark College President Discriminated Against Women, People Of Color

An investigative report released Friday details discriminatory behavior by former Clark College president Bob Knight.

NW Life | local | Transportation | News

Multnomah County Vehicle Registration Fee May Increase To Make Burnside Bridge Earthquake Ready

Multnomah County's vehicle registration fee could jump from $19 to $56 per year in order to help fund the replacement or seismic retrofitting of the Burnside Bridge.

local | News

1 Person Killed In Shooting At Wilsonville Business

The suspect has been identified as 25-year-old Camilio Santiago-Santiago of Woodburn.

Business | Economy | local | News

Roseburg Forest Products Announces Additional Layoffs

The company will be laying off 30 employees from its plant in Dillard. It laid off 90 employees from the same plant in August. 

NW Life | local | News

Live Hand Grenades Found Near Grants Pass McDonald's

The Grants Pass Department of Public Safety and Oregon State Police Explosive Unit found a total of four hand grenades near the fast food restaurant, three of which were determined to be live.

NW Life | local | News

Portland Plans For New First Responder Program To Assist People In Crisis

Portland Street Response is looking to take police off of low-priority 911 calls and instead send a new branch of first responders, trained in behavioral health, to address calls for help related to people experiencing homelessness or mental health crises.

NW Life | local | Politics | News

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Sets Campaign Contribution Limits

Wheeler says he will accept contributions of $5,000 per individual and $10,000 from organizations — a much higher limit than in a measure Portland voters approved in 2018.  

NW Life | local | News

Multnomah County Readies Homeless Services For Winter Weather

People can call 211 to arrange donations to shelter spaces for items such as socks, hats and sleeping bags. People can also call 211 if they are looking to locate or get transportation to a shelter.

NW Life | local | News

European Mobility Company To Expand Bus Service To Pacific Northwest

FlixBus is set to bring its service to Oregon, Washington and Idaho next week. 

local | News

Rain Could Help Poor Air Quality In Oregon, Southwest Washington

Poor air quality is continuing in much of Oregon and southwest Washington, but more rain in the forecast could improve that.

local | Transportation | News

Lake Oswego Withdraws Support And Funding For Pedestrian Bridge

Lake Oswego will withdraw from any planning or funding for a proposed pedestrian bridge that would have connected it to Oak Grove. A survey showed potentially low usage.

local | News

Oregon Supreme Court Rules Man Was Unlawfully Arrested By Beaverton Police

"The Oregon Constitution protects a person's right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure," the defendant's lawyer said. 

local | News

Planes Circling Around Portland Due To Fog In Seattle

The planes are circling the skies of Portland, waiting to land at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport, which is experiencing heavy fog. 

NW Life | local | News

Oregon Judge Danielle Hunsaker Confirmed To US 9th Circuit Court

Hunsaker was confirmed Wednesday by the U.S. Senate with a 73-17 vote. 

Animals | NW Life | local | News

Oregon And Washington's Beloved Therapy Llama Rojo Dies

Rojo was 17 years old when he died Wednesday morning. He had visited hospitals and senior communities, as well as schools and parades, around the Portland and southwest Washington region for more than a decade.

Sports | NW Life | local | News

Jessi Combs' Fatal Crash In Oregon Desert Caused By Mechanical Failure

The racer and television personality died in August while attempting to break the women's land speed record in Oregon's Alvord Desert. 

Election | News | local | Politics | Land

Voters Approve $475 Million Metro Bond For Parks And Natural Areas

Portland-area voters Tuesday approved a $475 million bond dedicated to improving the region’s parks and natural areas.  

Business | News | local | NW Life | Books

Multnomah County Library Will No Longer Buy New Macmillan E-Books

The announcement comes after Macmillan Publishing imposed new restrictions that would allow libraries to purchase only a single copy of a new e-book for the first eight weeks of its release.

NW Life | local | Politics | News

Voter Turnout Average So Far For Portland Metro Area

That figure is in line with the region's last special election two years ago.