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Mike Baden

Like many native Oregonians, Mike grew up with a deep appreciation for music locally and beyond. He's always loved going to shows, discovering new music, sharing mix tapes with friends and putting together playlists for parties. In 2001, Mike moved to New York City, where he spent the majority of his twenties. He earned a degree from a design school, worked in advertising and publishing, and explored all the distractions he could. Upon returning to Oregon, Mike began working in radio (behind the scenes & without a microphone). With a thirst for independent radio and a desire for local music, he was quickly turned on to opbmusic. In March of 2013, Mike joined the staff at opbmusic where he loves that he gets to share new music, unearth the old, and connect with his community.

Top Three Songs or Artists: Prince, The Cure, and Beastie Boys   (Others: Paul Simon, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder, Phil Spector, Nina Simone, Velvet Underground)

Thursdays at 12 a.m. & 12 p.m.

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