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Science & Environment Reporter

Monica Samayoa

Monica Samayoa is a reporter with OPB’s Science & Environment unit.

Before OPB, Monica was an on-call general assignment reporter at KQED in San Francisco. She also helped produce The California Report and KQED Newsroom. In 2017 she studied abroad in Sydney, Australia, where she attended University of Technology Sydney to finish her degree. There, she was able to get her first taste in radio while producing and hosting for 2SER, Sydney Educational Radio.

Monica holds a bachelor's degree in Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts from San Francisco State University.

In her free time, Monica likes to spend time with her family and friends and travel the world. So far she has traveled to 17 countries.

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Recent Articles

News | Water | Environment

Low-Water Hazards Prompt Limited Use Of Willamette Valley Reservoirs

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are limiting access to Willamette Valley reservoirs and warning users of potential hazards due to low water levels.

News | Energy | Environment | Land | local

Opponents Of Proposed Eastern Oregon Transmission Line File Lawsuit

Opponents have filed a lawsuit against the Bureau of Land Management, saying the agency failed to adequately evaluate environmental impacts of Idaho Power's proposed 300-mile transmission line. 

News | Politics | Education | Climate change | local | Environment

Oregon Supreme Court Hears Arguments For The Youth Climate Crisis Case

The Oregon Supreme Court hears arguments Wednesday in a case brought by two teenagers who want the state to protect its natural resources from harm caused by climate change.

News | Flora and Fauna | Forestry | local | Fish & Wildlife | Animals | Nation | Environment

Federal Officials To Propose 'Threatened' Status For The Pacific Fisher

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife will publish a revised proposal to list the Pacific fisher as "threatened" under the Endangered Species Act. 

News | Land use | Environment | Nation | local

5 Arrested As Environmental Activists Block Shipping Dock At Port Of Vancouver

Five people were arrested after the environmental activist groups Portland Rising Tide and Mosquito Fleet blocked a ship from docking at the Port of Vancouver. 

News | Agriculture | local | Business | Sustainability | Environment

Willamette Falls Paper Company Creates A New, Non-Wood Paper Product

The West Linn based Willamette Falls Paper Company created its first non-wood paper product by using microscopic fibers from agricultural waste.

News | Environment | local

Multnomah County Trees Are Doing Much More Than We Think

Portland’s trees are also playing an underappreciated role every time it rains: They’re helping us prevent major flooding and avoid erosion; they are literally holding Multnomah County together.

News | Business | Environment | local

Multnomah County Moves Forward To Hold Fossil Fuel Industries Accountable

Multnomah County will now require fossil fuel industries along the Willamette River to foot the bill for any damages caused by the transportation of fuels like crude and oil.

Fish & Wildlife | local | Communities | Environment

Dozens Of Environmental Groups Line Up To Support Endangered Orcas' Recovery

Environmental groups from all over the Pacific Northwest are teaming up and holding habitat restoration events Saturday to support Orca Recovery Day.

News | Energy | Environment | local

Activists Block Rail Line At Port Of Vancouver To Protest Canadian Pipeline

Environmental activists blocked the rail lines at the Port of Vancouver to stop the transportation of pipes that would be used for the construction of a Canadian oil pipeline.

News | Agriculture | Education | Food | Climate change | local | Land | Science | Sustainability | Land use | Environment

Climate Change Has Some Willamette Valley Farmers Adapting An Ancient Way To Grow Food

As the climate gets warmer, farmers in the Willamette Valley are testing an agricultural technique called dry farming. Instead of irrigating crops, they rely on the moisture stored in the soil.

News | Water | Environment | local

The Portland Water Bureau Is Building A New Lead Treatment Facility

As the EPA proposes major changes to how it tests for lead in drinking water, the Portland Water Bureau is building an improved corrosion control treatment facility to protect and educate customers about the exposure to lead.

News | Climate change | local | Fish & Wildlife | Animals | Environment

Study: Climate Change Threatens 389 North American Bird Species

A new study from the National Audubon Society says 389 out of 604 North American bird species are at risk of extinction due to climate change.

News | Economy | Energy | local | Business | Renewable energy | Nation | Environment

Portland Company Builds First Of Its Kind Renewable Wave Energy Device

Portland manufacturing company Vigor completed the construction of an Ireland-based company's renewable wave energy device.

News | Climate change | Environment | local

Annual Gathering Of Climate Change Experts Returns To Portland

The 10th annual Northwest Climate Conference returns this week to Portland, where climate experts from around the American West will discuss their latest research.

News | Politics | local | Fish & Wildlife | Water | Land use | Environment

Portland Named As A Finalist In Global Climate Action Awards

Portland's Crystal Springs Creek Restoration Project has been named a finalist for a prestigious global award that recognizes cities that are demonstrating climate action leadership.

News | Sustainability | Energy | local | Business | Science | Renewable energy | Nation | Environment

Solar Manufactured Homes Concept Wins National Award For Portland Firm

Phase3 Photovoltaics has won $500,000 in a national competition by devising a way to build solar panels into manufactured homes. It’s a way to help less affluent people turn to solar power.

News | Water | local | Environment | Health

Study: Safe Drinking Water Violations Are Higher For Communities Of Color

The Safe Drinking Water Act was adopted in 1974 and was supposed to ensure access to safe drinking water for all. But according to the study, the law has not been enforced equally for everyone.

News | Education | local | Forestry | Nation | Environment

Elliott Research Forest Proposal To Get An Airing In Portland Hearing

The Department of State Lands and Oregon State University are inviting the public to learn more about a proposal to turn Elliott State Forest into a research forest.

News | Animals | Fish & Wildlife | NW Life

Oregon Moves To Ban Trapping Of The Rare Humboldt Marten

In a 4-3 vote, the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission voted to ban the trapping of the rare Humboldt Marten, a rare weasel-like creature, west of Interstate 5.