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Science & Environment Reporter

Monica Samayoa

Monica Samayoa is a reporter with OPB’s Science & Environment unit.

Before OPB, Monica was an on-call general assignment reporter at KQED in San Francisco. She also helped produce The California Report and KQED Newsroom. In 2017 she studied abroad in Sydney, Australia, where she attended University of Technology Sydney to finish her degree. There, she was able to get her first taste in radio while producing and hosting for 2SER, Sydney Educational Radio.

Monica holds a bachelor's degree in Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts from San Francisco State University.

In her free time, Monica likes to spend time with her family and friends and travel the world. So far she has traveled to 17 countries.

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Recent Articles

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Recreational Fishing Curtailed In Fight Against The Coronavirus

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife will close recreational salmon fishing in the Columbia River for at least two weeks, starting Friday morning, to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

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Immigrant Communities In Oregon Struggle To Access Coronavirus Information

A sense of fear is growing in Oregon's immigrant communities as resources and reliable information on the coronavirus have been difficult to obtain.

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Jordan Cove Energy Project Gets Federal Approval But State Permit Denials Remain

A federal commission gave its conditional approval Thursday to Southwest Oregon’s controversial Jordan Cove energy project.

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Pollution Regulators Deny Petition To Crack Down On Oregon’s Non-Road Diesel Emissions

Oregon’s Environmental Quality Commission denied a petition Wednesday that would have regulated non-road diesel emissions as multiple programs are already working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Oregon's Mt. Bachelor Closes, Other Ski Resorts Remain Open

UPDATE: Mt. Bachelor closes for a week while other ski resorts in Oregon are  cancelling large crowd events but planning to remain open amid COVID-19 fears.

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Oregonians Are Still Adjusting To The Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban

It’s been two months since Oregon’s single-use plastic bag ban took effect. Lots of people are still forgetting to bring their reusable bags — and many are unhappy about paying for bags. 

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Pesticide Regulation Still Uncertain After GOP Walkout Prevents Vote

As a bill to phase out the pesticide chlorpyrifos fails to make it through the short session, an Oregon Department of Agriculture workgroup will resume consideration of possible limits on its use.

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Tugboat Carrying 750 Gallons Of Diesel Sinks In The Columbia River

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality along with other state agencies are responding to reports of a 38-foot tugboat that has sunk in the Columbia River.


Chlorpyrifos Phase Out Moves To Oregon House Vote Amid Uncertainty

During this week’s House Committee on Health Care hearings, some state representatives said lawmakers should not determine whether to phase out the pesticide chlorpyrifos and said it should be left to other state agencies.

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2.5M Pounds Of Radioactive Waste Illegally Dumped In Oregon Landfill

The Oregon Department of Energy has issued a Notice of Violation to Chemical Waste Management Arlington for illegally dumping more than two million pounds of radioactive materials in Oregon.

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Oregon DEQ Finds 6 Toxic Air Pollutants At Above Average Levels

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality released an air toxic pollutants report which found 6 air pollutants including arsenic, to be above the Oregon’s Ambient Benchmark Concentrations.

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Dairy Containers Removed From Oregon Bottle Bill System For Now

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission is temporarily removing certain dairy and plant-based containers from the Bottle Bill system until a workable solution for handling these products can be made.

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Oregon's EV Rebate Program Running Again For Lower-Income Car Buyers

Oregon will begin processing Charge Ahead rebate applications from lower income Oregonian drivers who purchase an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles.

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Youth From Across Oregon Declare A Climate Emergency

Rural and urban youth from around the state have declared a climate emergency. They are calling on government leaders to take action with policies that reduce and regulate greenhouse gas emissions.

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Como Se Está Ajustando A La Prohibición De Las Bolsas De Plásticos?

Queremos saber cómo la gente en diferente comunidades del estado se están ajustando a la prohibición de bolsas plásticos en Oregón. Complete esta encuesta. 

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More Than 500 Oregon Health Leaders Declare Climate Change A Public Health Emergency

More than 500 health professionals from around the state have declared that climate change is a public health emergency. They are recommending 10 policies that would move the state towards its climate goals.

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New Data Shows Some Areas In Oregon Are At High Risk Of Elevated Radon Levels

The Oregon Health Authority released new data that indicates some areas around the state are at high risk for dangerous levels of radon.  

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How Are You Adjusting To Oregon's Ban On Single-Use Plastic Bags?

Oregon’s statewide plastic bag ban has been in effect since Jan. 1. How have you adjusted? Let us know by taking this quick survey.

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Milwaukie Becomes 1st City In Oregon To Declare A Climate Emergency

Milwaukie has become the first city in Oregon to declare a climate emergency. Its resolution calls for more rapid action on reducing carbon and for the city to become carbon neutral by 2045.

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Oregon Lawmakers Take On Phasing Out A Controversial Pesticide, Again

During the Oregon Department of Agriculture’s chlorpyrifos workgroup meeting, news of bill to phase out use of the pesticide sparked questions about whether the group should continue.