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General Assignment Reporter

Rebecca Ellis

Rebecca Ellis is a general assignment reporter with OPB.

Before arriving in Portland, she was a Kroc Fellow at NPR, filing stories for the National Desk in Washington D.C. and reporting from Salt Lake City. She grew up in New York City and graduated from Brown University in 2018 with a Bachelor’s in Urban Studies. She has spent past summers as an investigator at the Bronx Defenders, a public defender’s office in the Bronx, and a reporter for a local weekly in Queens. Most recently, she interned with the Miami Herald, filing general assignment stories and learning to scuba dive.

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Portland Leaders Call For Rent And Mortgage Waivers

The request from Portland leaders: Stop all rent and mortgage payments for renters and businesses suffering due to COVID-19.  

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3 Firefighters In Portland Metro Area Test Positive For COVID-19

At least three firefighters in the Portland metro area have tested positive for COVID-19, according to announcements made by their departments in the last week.

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Portland Holds 1st Mayoral Debate Since COVID-19 Pandemic Reached Oregon

Despite a global pandemic, the race to be the next mayor of Portland continues on.  

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What You Need To Know About Oregon's Eviction Moratoriums Before Rent Is Due

With a statewide eviction moratorium, a handful of countywide bans and courts closed to eviction cases, many Oregon renters and landlords are confused about their obligations.

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Portland Meal Providers Struggle To Keep Hungry People In Line A Healthy Distance Apart

Demand has reached an all-time high for Blanchet House. At the same time, food donations to the small nonprofit have dropped dramatically. Add the governor’s demand that people space out — and the potential legal and health consequences of not doing so — and Blanchet House has reached a crisis point.

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Portland's Jupiter Hotel Converted Into Homeless Shelter

All of the hotel’s 81 rooms will be used to house people experiencing homelessness who are sick but have yet to test positive for COVID-19. Jupiter NEXT, the hotel next door, will operate as usual.   

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New Relief Measures Coming For Portland Small Businesses, Low-Income Households

Portland’s City Council voted Wednesday to transfer $3 million in general fund money to a fund that will help the city respond to COVID-19.

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Agencies Adapt To Keep First Responders Healthy Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

In the coming weeks, paramedics, police officers and firefighters will be asked to not only continue on with their pre-pandemic roles, but many will have to take on the added risk of transporting people infected with the new coronavirus.

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How Portland Leaders Plan To Handle Coronavirus Spread

A day after Oregon's stay-home order began, top Portland officials recapped city-specific actions underway to slow the spread of COVID-19 and mitigate the economic fallout.

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Portland, Multnomah County Enact Temporary Moratorium on Evictions

As the economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic continue to mount, Portland and Multnomah County leaders announced Tuesday they will place a moratorium on most residential evictions for the duration of the crisis.

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Portland Will Cut Back On Homeless Campsite Sweeps During COVID-19 Crisis

The city of Portland has decided to cut down on the number of homeless campsites it clears out each week, citing fears that it could worsen an outbreak of COVID-19 among the region’s already vulnerable homeless population.   

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As Calls For Eviction Moratorium Increase, Portland Says It's Looking Into It

Calls are mounting in Portland for elected officials to temporarily ban evictions, while the coronavirus pandemic throws the ability of low-wage workers to make their next rent payment into question. 

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Cramped In Shelters And Campsites, Portland's Homeless Brace For Coronavirus

For the 4,000 Portlanders with no bedroom of their own, finding space to recuperate — or stay away from those showing symptoms — is no easy feat.

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'You're A Liar': Portland Mayoral Candidates Spar In Sunday Night Climate Debate

While some in the audience critiqued the Portland Mayoral Climate Debate for being light on policy, the discourse was heavy on jabs against the two contenders who have so far garnered the most attention: incumbent Mayor Ted Wheeler and educator Sarah Iannarone.

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Multnomah County Preparing For Possible Outbreak Of Coronavirus Among The Homeless

On Wednesday, the county sent out the first set of recommendations to shelter providers. Chief among them: providers should try to make sure people who are coughing sleep in beds at least six feet from those who are not.

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Portland Auditor Finds Evidence Of Illegal Procurement Practices Within Water Bureau

In a report out Thursday, the auditor's office says investigators followed up on a tip to their fraud hotline and found evidence that a Water Bureau staff member tried to circumvent the city-mandated competitive procurement process.

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Portland Renter Protections Start Next Week, Despite Attempt To Block Them

Portland’s landmark package of rental screening rules will go into effect as planned March 1, despite a last-minute effort by a coalition of landlords to block them.

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Has This Man Found The Answer To Wapato Jail With A Homelessness Service Center?

A plan to transform the never used Multnomah County Wapato Jail into a homelessness service center feels more tangible than ever.

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Metro Refers $250 Million Homeless Service Measure To May Ballot

On Tuesday, Metro unanimously voted to refer a measure to the May ballot that, if passed by voters, would raise $250 million for homeless services annually through two taxes.

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Federal Judge Weighs Whether Portland Is In Compliance With DOJ Agreement

U.S. District Judge Michael Simon has a weighty question in front of him: Has the city of Portland truly met all the requirements laid out in its six-year-old settlement agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice?