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Reporter and Producer

Rob Manning

Rob Manning is a reporter and producer at Oregon Public Broadcasting. He covers education and local government.

Rob has been at OPB since 2002. He contributed to the 2009 Peabody Award winning “Hard Times” project and has earned multiple honors for the long-term education reporting effort, “Class of 2025.” 

Rob is part of National Public Radio’s education reporting partnership with member stations. In that capacity, Rob contributed stories in 2015 and 2016, on NPR projects related to graduation rates and school funding.   

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Recent Articles

Education | local | News

PPS' 2020 Bond May Change Direction On High Schools

Portland Public Schools is starting plans for a bond measure in 2020, and it might divert from the facilities plans set years ago, to prioritize renovations at all the high schools.

Health | Education | local | News

Class Of 2025: How A Sense Of Control Can Help Students With Childhood Trauma

Kids who’ve been through trauma are more than twice as likely to drop out before finishing high school. What helps? Giving the student flexibility and a greater sense of control. 

Education | local | News | Class Of 2025: Follow Students From 1st Grade To Graduation

Class Of 2025: Meeting The Challenge Of Childhood Trauma With 'Extra Love'

One of the biggest barriers for kids on their journeys through school involves problems outside of school — like childhood trauma. 

Education | local | News | Politics

Oregon Teachers Call For Solutions To Disruptive Student Problems

Teachers say some problems have only gotten worse, like fraying supports for students’ emotional and psychological needs.

Education | local | News

Thinking Of Becoming A Linfield Wildcat? Your Cat Can, Too

Linfield College intends to crack the dorm room door just a bit, to let Fido, Spot or Fluffy scurry in.

Education | local | News

Portland Public Schools Could Allow Some Part-Time High School

As state officials revisit approval of part-time high school for certain students, the state's largest district remembers its recent history with adding instruction time.

Education | local | News

Gov. Kate Brown Questions Looser High School Class Time Rules

Seven weeks after backing her state Board of Education’s decision to loosen high school instruction-time requirements, Gov. Kate Brown is second-guessing the decision.

Education | local | News

Enrollment Continues To Decline At Oregon Colleges, Universities

Total university enrollment is at its lowest point since 2012, and the enrollment of students from Oregon is in a trough not seen since 2008.

Education | local | News | Politics

Oregon Lawmakers Draft Wish List To Improve Schools

At a meeting in Salem on Thursday, legislators on a special committee talked of "going big" to cure what's ailing Oregon’s public schools.

local | News | Election

Oregon Voters Turn Out For 2018 Midterms

The national trend of high voter turnout is reflected in Oregon's numbers. But the state doesn't have the extremely long lines at polling places seen elsewhere. 

Health | Education | local | News

Linfield College Buys A Permanent Portland Home For Nursing Program

Linfield College announced it's buying the University of Western States' Northeast Portland campus for $14.5 million.

Education | local | News | Election

Class Of 2025: More Money + More Days = More Impact At Outdoor School

Outdoor School began a big expansion two years ago, promising hands-on science education for thousands more students. It's also delivering lessons in resilience.

Education | local | News

PSU Consultants Begin Assessing Armed Campus Officers

Consultants got a calm but skeptical reception at Portland State University from students and staff worried about armed campus police.

Politics | Education | local | News | Election

After School Report Card Dust-Up, Oregon Numbers Don't Show Much New

New report cards on Oregon schools show that support is more likely to go to low-performing high schools than to programs for younger kids. 

Education | local | News

Oregon Teachers Tempted By Higher Salaries In Washington

Teacher salaries are more than 20 percent higher in Washington than Oregon. Some in Oregon fear teachers leaving to work for their neighbors up north.

Politics | Education | local | News | Election

Gov. Kate Brown Dinged On Transparency

Less than two weeks out from election night and locked in a tight battle with her GOP rival Knute Buehler, the Democratic governor is taking two hits on transparency in a single day. 

Education | local | News

Oregon Education Officials Launch Campaign To Address Chronic Absenteeism

The “Every Day Matters” campaign is aimed at helping individual schools work with families to address the many barriers that can keep students from attending class.  

Education | local | News

SEI Staff Removed From Portland's Jefferson High School Amid Inquiry

A legal complaint has led SEI staff to be kicked out of Jefferson High School - but the nonprofit's after-school programs continue.

Technology | local | News | Business | Sports

Blazers Prepare For A Season Without Paul Allen

By the time Paul Allen died Monday, he spent 30 of his 65 years as owner of the Portland Trail Blazers.

Education | local | News

Former Staffer Alleges Sexual Misbehavior At Portland Education Nonprofit

Self-Enhancement, Inc. has drawn praise for helping improve graduation rates for black students. But a legal complaint alleges sexualized behavior at the nonprofit.