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Rob Manning

Rob Manning is a news editor at Oregon Public Broadcasting, with oversight of reporters covering education, healthcare and business. Rob became an editor in 2019, following about 15 years covering schools and universities in Oregon and southwest Washington as OPB’s education reporter.

Rob was part of an OPB team that won a Peabody Award in 2009 for “Hard Times,” which examined the regional effects of the Great Recession. More recently, Rob has earned multiple honors for leading OPB’s long-term project, “Class Of 2025.” Rob’s reporting in 2017 with OPB’s Tony Schick on problems at Chemawa Indian School, a federal boarding school in Salem, Oregon, for Native American students, has led to congressional inquiries and hearings.

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Recent Articles

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'Nation's Report Card' Show Declines In Oregon, Washington And Nationally

Student test scores fell in Oregon and Washington on the assessment known as the “Nation’s Report Card,” a trend that mirrors national declines over the last two years.

Education | News | local

Oregon Colleges Forced To Adjust As Student Priorities Expand

As the number of prospective college students declines, colleges like Concordia University find those young people are even more choosy than they used to be. 

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Linfield College Faces Division, Debate As Leaders Attempt To Defy Enrollment Trends

Linfield College had been shrinking for years. This year, enrollment is up. But leaders and faculty may not see eye-to-eye on where growth may take the college.  

Education | News | local

The American West's Oldest University Struggles To Find A Future

Oregon's oldest university is struggling with a problem facing many smaller private colleges: A drop in enrollment means tough choices. 

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Washington Ecology Officials Pause Methanol Plant Review, Ask For More Information

The decision to approve a proposed methanol plant in southwest Washington is on hold, as the Washington Department of Ecology pushes for more information.

Education | News | local | Politics

Chemawa Indian School Superintendent Leaves For Job In South Dakota

Lora Braucher had been superintendent at Chemawa Indian School since 2014. She arrived pledging to have a long tenure at the school after a decade of turnover in the superintendent’s office. Five years later, she's gone.

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Workers At Oregon's Public Universities Authorize Strike

Workers at Oregon’s public universities have voted to authorize a strike. Picketing could coincide with the start of the fall semester later this month.

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Biggest Strike US Has Seen In Years Poised To Hit Kaiser Permanente

The coalition of unions representing 80,000 Kaiser Permanente workers announced Monday they’ll be walking picket lines in four weeks. 

News | local | Nation

Oregon Supreme Court To Review Sentence For Murderer With Intellectual Disability

The high court will look at whether the U.S. Constitutional allows for someone with an intellectual disability to get a sentence of life without parole.

Education | News | local | Health

Washington Requires Schools Have Suicide Prevention Plans, But Doesn't Provide Funding

Washington law requires schools to have suicide prevention plans. But top state officials say there are still major gaps in getting those school plans done.

News | local

Suspect In 41-Year-Old Alaska Cold Case Apprehended In Gresham

Top law enforcement officials in Alaska thanked their counterparts in Oregon and praised DNA technology for finally closing an unsolved murder case after more than 40 years of frustration.  

News | local

Vancouver Police Officer Cleared In February Shooting Of 16 Year-Old

The Clark County prosecuting attorney’s office said Officer Roger Evans “acted lawfully” when he shot Clayton Joseph outside an apartment complex on the night of Feb. 19, 2019.

Education | News | local | Politics | Chemawa Indian School

Members Of Congress Look To ‘Support’ Chemawa, As Families Hope For Change

Pressure on the school hit a pinnacle in May following a tense hearing on Capitol Hill. But after a recent Congressional visit, Oregon representatives emphasized they're on the same side as school leaders.

News | local | Politics

2 Charged In Portland For Assaulting Man Wearing A 'MAGA' Hat

Two people have been arrested after assaulting a man because he was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, according to the Multnomah County District Attorney’s office.

Education | News | local | Economy

Portland Public Schools Respond To Fraudulent $3 Million Construction Payment

The apparent "banking crime" as the district is calling it, was flagged Friday by the district's bank. The district said the fraud was discovered in time for it to recover the $2.9 million involved.

News | local | Arts | Music

2 Workers Die Dismantling Stage At Pickathon Site

Two workers were killed Thursday afternoon when a boom lift fell as they dismantled stages at the site of the Pickathon music festival in Happy Valley.

Education | Technology | local | News | Nation | Politics

To Chart Improvements At Chemawa, Oregon Congressional Reps Call For Map

With Google maps and satellite images a keystroke away for anyone with a computer, how hard can it be to provide a map of the Chemawa Indian School? Four congressional representatives had to write a letter for it.

Education | local | News | Economy | Politics | Business

Oregon's Business Tax Is Not Going To Voters — Here's What You Should Know

The main opponents of Oregon's recently created commercial activities tax decided not to put the bill on the January ballot, meaning it's going into effect. What is it?

Education | News | local | Politics | Nation

Oregon Reps See Signs Of Slow Progress At Troubled Chemawa Boarding School 

A three-year investigation by OPB, published in 2017, found numerous problems at the federally run boarding school. Oregon's U.S. representatives in Congress say they still see few signs of progress.

News | local

Portland Police Chief Responds To National Criticism Over Protest

Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw was the latest to weigh in on last Saturday's protest — joining a Texas senator and the son of President Trump in a controversy that's drawn national headlines.