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Content Manager

Ryan Haas

Ryan Haas is a news content manager and handles content partnerships at Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Prior to his employment with OPB, Ryan worked as editor of The World newspaper in Coos Bay and freelanced on the Southern Oregon coast. He also reported for SKNVibes on the Caribbean islands of St. Kitts and Nevis, and freelanced throughout northern Florida. Ryan's reporting experience ranges from international government and business to sports and fitness.

He holds a degree in English and rhetoric from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana.

Ryan lives in the eastern Portland metro area with his veterinarian significant other and the obligatory menagerie that entails.

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Recent Articles

local | Recreation | Environment | News

Some Columbia River Gorge Trail Closures Could Last Years

The U.S. Forest Service gave an update on the conditions of Columbia River Gorge trails Friday. They say some trails may take years to reopen.

local | Business | News

Portland Council Calls On Oregon's Top Prosecutor To Defend Cannabis

The Portland City Council sent a letter to U.S. Attorney for Oregon Billy Williams on Monday, asking him to protect cannabis businesses and consumers in the state.

local | News

False Alarm Tsunami Test Sends Some Seaside Residents For Higher Ground

A server error Wednesday caused Seaside, Oregon, residents to receive a message about an impending tsunami. They quickly learned it was a false alarm.

local | Transportation | News

Witness, Survivor Describe Scene Of Chaos As Train Derailed

When Monday’s inaugural trip of the Amtrak Cascades train along its new route crashed south of Tacoma, the lives of hundreds of people were thrown into chaos.

local | Nation | News

ICE Says Officers Showed 'Great Restraint' In Videoed Oregon Incidents

Federal immigration officials responded Thursday to Oregon lawmakers concerned about a pair of attempted arrests that took place in recent months.

local | News | Air

Northern California Wildfires Bring Unhealthy Air To Oregon

Fires that have devastated parts of northern California are sending smoky air into southern and central Oregon.

local | Education | News

Betsy Devos Scheduled To Visit McMinnville High School

U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos plans to visit McMinnville High School on Wednesday, according to the school district.

local | News

Multnomah GOP Will Continue Gun Raffle After Vegas Attack

Oregon Republicans say they plan to proceed with a fundraising raffle for a semi-automatic rifle in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre.

local | Education | News

UO Students Shout Down President During $50M Gift Announcement

University of Oregon President Michael Schill was scheduled Friday to announce a $50 million gift to the university. But that plan was cut short.

local | Technology | News

Oregon Rep. Greg Walden Questions Former Equifax CEO

Equifax faces federal inquiry after the credit reporting agency allowed security breaches that compromised the personal information of more than 145 million Americans.

local | News

FBI Arrested Father Of Las Vegas Shooter In Oregon In 1978

The father of the man suspected of carrying out the Las Vegas mass shooting was arrested in Oregon in 1978 after appearing on the FBI's Most Wanted Fugitives list.

local | Politics | Election | News

Russian Hackers Attempted To Access Oregon Voter Information In 2016

The Department of Homeland Security informed Oregon officials Friday that Russian hackers attempted to access voter information during the 2016 election.

local | Nation | News

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions To Speak In Portland Tuesday

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions will be in Portland Tuesday. He plans to speak to local law enforcement agencies about immigration and sanctuary cities.

local | News

Portland Police Worry About Violence Sunday Between Dueling Protests

Portland Police will put extra officers on the street Sunday afternoon to protect against violence between dueling protests.

local | Nation | News | Northwest Wildfires 2017

Surging Wildfire Reaches Watershed For Portland Area's Drinking Water

Officials say the Eagle Creek Fire entered the Bull Run watershed Tuesday. Bull Run provides drinking water for around 1 million Oregonians.

local | Environment | News | Northwest Wildfires 2017

Hikers Caught Between Columbia Gorge Wildfires Rescued

The Columbia River Gorge town of Cascade Locks is under evacuation notices due to the nearby Eagle Creek Fire, which is just 1/2 mile away. On Sunday, crews rescued hikers stranded in the Gorge overnight.

local | Nation | Recreation | Sports | News

Oregon Man Sues Showtime For Bungled Mayweather VS. McGregor Fight Streaming

Some fans called it the fight of the decade. Others called it an over-hyped cash grab. But an Oregon man has another term for this month's Floyd Mayweather versus Conor McGregor boxing match: ripoff.

local | Environment | News | Northwest Wildfires 2017

Oregon Governor Declares State Of Emergency Over Wildfires

Rising temperatures, high winds and dry conditions are likely to persist through at least the remainder of the week, creating a high chance of wildfires spreading across Oregon.

local | News

Multnomah County Sheriff Says He Couldn't Detain Man Who Was Deported 20 Times

"This terrible incident is concerning for everyone," said Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese. "We held the defendant until he could not be legally held any longer."

local | Science | Health | News

Report: OHSU Scientist 1st In US To Modify Human Genes With CRISPR

The MIT Technology Review reported Wednesday that a researcher at OHSU became the first in the United States to genetically modify a human embryo.