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Executive Producer, Think Out Loud

Sage Van Wing

Sage Van Wing is the executive producer of Oregon Public Broadcasting's daily talk show, "Think Out Loud."

She has produced daily news programs at other NPR affiliate stations Vermont Public Radio, KUOW in Seattle and KQED in San Francisco.

She graduated from Stanford University with a degree in anthropology.

While in Vermont, she became an expert sledder. While in Seattle, she learned to bike in the rain. Sage hopes someday to become an expert taxidermist.

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Recent Articles

Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | Joseph Statue | REBROADCAST: Venderia

A new bronze sculpture in Joseph, Oregon, is made by a Native American artist. We get opinions and analysis on the news of the week. And we listen back to an interview about artistic vending machines.

Think Out Loud

Salem Update | Bus Lanes | Antarctica Solstice

A team of OSU scientists celebrates the winter solstice in Antarctica. A Portland commissioner wants dedicated bus lanes. And things are getting crazy in Salem, Oregon.

Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | REBROADCAST: Father's Day

We talk to a young man who learned he would be a father at the age of 15. We also get opinions and analysis on the week's biggest news.

Think Out Loud

Oregon State Hospital | Constitutional Sheriffs | School Privacy | Recreation

People are waiting in jails across the state to get into the Oregon State Hospital. What is the constitutional sheriffs movement? How do schools monitor students' behavior online? And how is climate change affecting outdoor recreation?

News | local | NW Life | Think Out Loud

Stimson Lumber | Privacy Data | ICE Custody | Police Captain

Stimson Lumber is cutting jobs. Portland will use smartphone data to study transportation.A detainee died last fall at the ICE detention center in Tacoma. And we listen back to a conversation with the first transgender PPB captain.

News | local | NW Life | Think Out Loud

Busing & Homelessness | Trans Cancer | Wolf Plan

We hear about programs to offer homeless people bus tickets out of town, "Trans Dudes With Lady Cancer" and Oregon's new wolf plan.

Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | Rowing The Pacific | Wheeler County Sheriff

We get opinions and analysis of some big news stories from this past week; meet a guy who is rowing across the Pacific Ocean (yes, you read that right); and sit down with the sheriff of Wheeler County.

Think Out Loud

Black History Curriculum | Rural Healthcare | Company Town

We hear about rural health care, what it's like growing up in a "company town," and a new curriculum highlighting African-American history in Portland.

Think Out Loud

Legislative Countdown | Painted Hills Beef | New Teacher

We get an update from Salem, Oregon, and our Wheeler County coverage continues with a look at a ranching collective and an interview with a new teacher in Fossil, Oregon. 

Think Out Loud

Climate Lawsuit | Gambling And Tribes | Wheeler County Rancher

Judges of 9th Circuit Court of Appeals will hear arguments in Portland tomorrow in the Juliana v. United States lawsuit. We explore ranching and conservation in Wheeler County and how tribes manage disputes.

Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | PERS | Native Curriculum

A new curriculum in northeastern Oregon schools teaches about the Nez Perce war.  A bill aims to address the state's PERS debt. And we round up some of the biggest news of the week.

Think Out Loud

GMO Legislation | Youth Media Project | Blue Mountain Forest Plan

A bill would allow farmers to sue companies if their crops are contaminated by GMO seeds. The long-awaited Blue Mountain Forest plan was scrapped. And young African American filmmakers screen their films.

News | local | Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | Opioid Tapering | Death Penalty

The Oregon Health Authority will no longer require certain chronic pain patients to stop using opioids. A bill would limit when the state can use the death penalty. And we discuss the biggest news of the week.

News | local | Think Out Loud

Tuition Increases | Trade War | REBROADCAST: Firefighters

Portland State University is raising tuition. The trade war is affecting some major Oregon industries.

Think Out Loud

Maupin Internet | Addiction & DHS | Unity Center Union

What is the overlap between addiction and Oregon's child welfare system? Also, nurses at Unity Center for Behavioral Health are moving to unionize. And, the mayor of Maupin shares the challenges of bringing broadband to rural areas. 

Think Out Loud

Damascus | Oregon College Of Art And Craft | Coordination

Oregon College of Art and Craft held its final commencement last weekend. Grant County is looking into coordinating with the federal government. And the new mayor of the reformulated City of Damascus shares his plan.

News | local

More Tariffs, More Problems: Trade War With China Hits Oregon Business

A manufacturer of large-scale shredding machines in Wilsonville, Oregon, says they might not be able to sell their products in China after the latest round of tariff increases.

Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | Tariffs | Fashion Show

What impact is the trade war having on local companies? Also, we take up some of the biggest news of the week. And we hear about a fashion show that will highlight a variety of body types as well as people of color.

Think Out Loud

School Lunch | Phish Conference | Horse Racing

What would commercial horse racing do for Grants Pass, Oregon? How complicated is it to get local, organic food into school lunches? And why is OSU hosting an academic conference about the band Phish?

Think Out Loud

Talking Business | Legislative Trade Offs | Bill Oakley

Oregon Democrats gave up on bills regulating vaccines and guns in order to get a vote on school funding. Bill Oakley wrote for the "Simpsons" — now he reviews fast food. And we get the latest business news.