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Executive Producer, Think Out Loud

Sage Van Wing

Sage Van Wing is the executive producer of Oregon Public Broadcasting's daily talk show, "Think Out Loud."

She has produced daily news programs at other NPR affiliate stations Vermont Public Radio, KUOW in Seattle and KQED in San Francisco.

She graduated from Stanford University with a degree in anthropology.

While in Vermont, she became an expert sledder. While in Seattle, she learned to bike in the rain. Sage hopes someday to become an expert taxidermist.

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Recent Articles

Think Out Loud

Election Breakdown | Police Monologues

The day after a midterm election, we dig into the results. The August Wilson Red Door Project has commissioned a series of monologues based on the experiences of police officers.

Think Out Loud

OPB's Live Election Night Coverage 2018

OPB follows the election results live on November 6th, 2018.

Think Out Loud

Kids First Project | Impacts Of Science | Rape Kit Backlog

The founder of a Portland nonprofit is nationally recognized. OSU collaborates on a center to focus on the social impacts of science. Oregon recently cleared its backlog of more than 5,000 rape kits. 

World | Books | local | History | Think Out Loud

King Tut Expert | REBROADCAST: Frederick Douglass

We talk with archeologist Zahi Hawass about King Tut. And, we revisit our conversation with historian David Blight about the importance of Frederick Douglass in American history.

Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | Matt Shea | Oregon Congressional Delegation

Washington State Rep. Matt Shea handed out a libertarian pamphlet. We hear how changes in D.C. could affect Oregon's congressional delegation. And we hear from our news roundtable.

News | Think Out Loud

Legislative Races | Suicide Prevention | Portland Animator

An epidemiologist was recently recognized for an innovative suicide prevention program. We learn more about Oregon's competitive legislative races. And we talk with Portland animator Joanna Priestley.

News | Think Out Loud

Synagogue Shooting | Treaty Conference | Portland E-Scooters

We talk about this weekend's deadly synagogue shooting; a conference at the Museum of Warm Springs that honored an 1855 treaty; and Portland's experiment with e-scooters.

Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | Yurok Tribe | Climate Change Lawsuit

The Yurok tribe cancels salmon fishing for the third year. A legal challenge to climate change policy awaits a U.S. Supreme Court decision. And, our news panel discusses this week's big stories.

Think Out Loud

Earthquakes | Brick Building Problems | MAX Attack Hearings

Fault lines on Mount Hood could trigger an earthquake. Portland's unreinforced buildings will need to post warning signs. Pre-trial hearings are underway for the suspect in a MAX attack last year. 

News | Politics | Election | local

No One Is Running For Mayor In Gates, Oregon

Gates, Oregon, a city with fewer than 500 people, struggles to find residents to run for public office.

Think Out Loud

Moral Therapy | Gates Elections | Mental Health | Rugby

Cognitive behavioral therapy comes to the federal justice system. No one is running to fill empty elected seats in Gates, Oregon. And an OHSU nursing student will play on the national rugby team.

Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | Bend Mayoral Race | Emergency Care Bias

A new study finds racial minorities receive lower quality care from Oregon emergency responders. Also, Bend will elect a mayor for the first time in recent history. And we get opinions and analysis on the week's biggest news.

NW Life | Nation | Think Out Loud

Oregon Groundbreakers Share Their Vision

Five Oregon innovators sit down with host Dave Miller in front of an audience and talk about their blue sky vision and what drives them.

News | local | Think Out Loud

Surviving Hiroshima | Escaping The Nazis

We listen back to conversations with two women who survived the horrors of World War II and later made new lives in Oregon. One escaped the Holocaust, the other was in Hiroshima the day the bomb was dropped.

News | Think Out Loud

Jo Ann Hardesty | Alt-Weeklies | REBROADCAST: Author Renee Watson

Records show Jo Ann Hardesty collected over $10,000 in income last year from her volunteer work at the NAACP. Also, we talk about alt-weeklies after several have closed nationwide. And, we listen back to an interview with author Renée Watson. 

News | local | Think Out Loud

Home Away From Home: Portrait Of A Fire Camp

What makes it possible for firefighters to do the work they do? A very well-organized incident command team sets up a small city on the edge of the wilderness.

News | Think Out Loud

Innocence Project | Josephine County | Life Expectancy | Smoke Summit

This hour: The Innocence Project helps release a man from prison; Josephine County's challenge to marijuana law; a report on life expectancy across the state; and a summit on smoke in Southern Oregon.

Think Out Loud

Cranberry Hold Back | Voices Of Trans Women | Eagle Creek Fire Documentaries

American cranberry farmers want to destroy a portion of their crop. Also, a new musical work features the voices of transgender women. And students in the Columbia River Gorge produced documentaries about the Eagle Creek Fire. 

Science | Books | Business | Think Out Loud

Apprenticeship Training | A History Of Evolution

Everything you think you know about evolution is wrong. Also, we learn about a job training program for the construction field.

News | Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | Airbnb | FEMA Youth Council

Most of Portland's short term rentals are operating illegally. FEMA has created a council of young people to create solutions to emergency preparedness. And we discuss the biggest news of the week with our news roundtable.