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Executive Producer, Think Out Loud

Sage Van Wing

Sage Van Wing is the executive producer of Oregon Public Broadcasting's daily talk show, "Think Out Loud."

She has produced daily news programs at other NPR affiliate stations Vermont Public Radio, KUOW in Seattle and KQED in San Francisco.

She graduated from Stanford University with a degree in anthropology.

While in Vermont, she became an expert sledder. While in Seattle, she learned to bike in the rain. Sage hopes someday to become an expert taxidermist.

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Recent Articles

Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | REBROADCAST: Foster Care Youth

We'll get opinions and analysis on some of the week's biggest news. And we'll listen back to two stories of people who went through Oregon's foster care system.

Think Out Loud

Mega-Dairy | Video Game Sports | Oregon Cult Documentary

A new documentary series on Netflix tells the story of the Rajneeshees, who took over a town in central Oregon in the 1980s. Also, a controversial mega-dairy is sued by the state. And the Portland Timbers added a new e-player to their team roster.

Think Out Loud

Gun Sales | School Safety And Walkouts | Columbia River Tribes

One month after the Parkland, Florida shooting, we'll speak with Oregon students and a school resource officer about student walkouts and school safety. Also, are age limits for gun sales discrimination? And, we'll hear about the significance of the Columbia River to tribal communities.

Think Out Loud

Frog Shuttle | The 'Boyfriend Loophole' | Sanctuary Cities

We discuss: a volunteer effort to ensure the safety of threatened frogs, what changes to expect now that abusive intimate partners can be restricted from having guns, and conflicting claims about sanctuary cities.

Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | Child Welfare System | Girl Scouts

We get opinions and analysis of some of the big stories in the week's news, then sit down with the former director of Oregon's Child Welfare system and two representatives of the Girl Scouts of America.

Think Out Loud

Rural Broadband | Tree Wells | Commercial Renters | 'A Gentleman Bank Robber'

We discuss: a plan to expand rural broadband in Oregon; the dangers of tree wells; stronger renters protections for business owners; and a new film that tells the story of Rita "Bo" Brown.

Think Out Loud

Library Music | Sex Offenders | Prosthetics Design

A new book argues that sex offenders can be reformed. Also, a new streaming service from Multnomah County Library will provide music from local musicians. And a new exhibition looks at the design of prosthetics.

Think Out Loud

REBROADCAST: George Saunders

We listen back to an interview with celebrated short story author George Saunders on his novel "Lincoln in the Bardo."

Think Out Loud

New 'South' Portland | Juvenile Justice | Babies Without Borders

On today's show we discuss: Portland creating a new sixth "quadrant," proposed reforms to youth sentencing under Measure 11 and an Oregon OBGYN who just returned from three months in Sierra Leone.

Think Out Loud

Artist Space | Racism And Health | Banned Book | Public Records

What can Portland do to make the city affordable to artists? Also, we'll learn about how racism can affect our health. And we'll talk about Beaverton School District's decision to ban a young adult book. Finally, Washington state representative Gerry Pollet tells us about a bill to change availability of public records. 

Think Out Loud

Olympics Wrap | Meth Related Deaths | School Shootings

We look back at the Winter Olympics. We also discuss why deaths related to meth use are on the rise in Oregon and how two decades of school shootings are affecting students and teachers.

Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | Family Homeless Shelter | Black Comics

Analysis and opinions on this week's biggest news. Plus, we'll hear about the failings in Multnomah county's largest shelter for families and children. And a look at African-American comics culture.

News | local | Think Out Loud

Oregon STD Rates | Author Willy Vlautin | Online Dating While Black

Rates of sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise in Central Oregon. Also, Portland author Willy Vlautin tells us about his latest book. And a journalist conducts an experiment about racism in online dating.

Think Out Loud

Idaho US Attorney | 'Two Balloons' | Axemen | Pikas

We talk to Idaho's US Attorney about cannabis, and to a Portland filmmaker about his new stop-motion short film. Also, a Eugene high school's sports teams have a new gender-neutral name, and an OSU lab is studying new pika habitats.

Think Out Loud

Talking Business | Corals On Film | Publishing Women

A new film explores the challenges climate change poses to coral reefs. An Oregon publisher will only publish women authors this year. Also, we'll look at the latest business news.

Think Out Loud

TOL At 10

"Think Out Loud" kicks off a year of 10-year anniversary shows by getting personal- we'll do a series of one-on-one interviews with notable Oregonians about how their lives have changed over the last ten years.

Think Out Loud

Cannabis Convictions | Activist Seth Woolley | Tip Pooling?

A federal rule change might mean some servers will have to share their tips with kitchen staff. Also, some Californians will have their marijuana convictions erased. And we'll check in with Seth Woolley, who has been filing petitions against local politicians for years.


News Roundtable | Restoring Local Oysters

We get opinion and analysis on some of the week's big stories. And we'll hear about an effort to restore native oyster populations on the Oregon coast.

News | Think Out Loud

Small Landlord Exemption | Public Defenders

Should Portland landlords who only rent one unit be required to pay rental relocation fees? Also, we'll learn about the work of public defenders.

Think Out Loud

Salem Youth Shelter | Oregon's Janitor Law | Chief Danielle Outlaw

Portland's new police chief, Danielle Outlaw, joins us. Also, we'll talk to a Salem high school student who is starting a youth homeless shelter. And we'll learn about a law that just went into effect to protect janitorial workers.