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Executive Producer, Think Out Loud

Sage Van Wing

Sage Van Wing is the executive producer of Oregon Public Broadcasting's daily talk show, "Think Out Loud."

She has produced daily news programs at other NPR affiliate stations Vermont Public Radio, KUOW in Seattle and KQED in San Francisco.

She graduated from Stanford University with a degree in anthropology.

While in Vermont, she became an expert sledder. While in Seattle, she learned to bike in the rain. Sage hopes someday to become an expert taxidermist.

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Recent Articles

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Neighborhood Groups Advocate For Sanctioned Homeless Camps

A coalition of North Portland neighborhood associations is pushing the city to create organized camps for people experiencing homelessness.

Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | Fruit Packers Strike | Homelessness Solutions

We get opinions and analysis on some of the week's big stories, hear from the front lines about the fruit packing strikes in Yakima, and meet the head of a Portland neighborhood association pushing for homelessness solutions.

Think Out Loud

REBROADCAST: Author Viet Thanh Nguyen

We listen back to a conversation with Pulitzer Prize-winning author Viet Thanh Nguyen.

Think Out Loud

Election | OSF And Tourism | White Supremacy And Resistance

We get election results from the May primary, hear how the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and Ashland are trying to move forward, and listen back to a conversation about white supremacy and resistance in Oregon.

Think Out Loud

Court Case | Dentists | Shockwave | Surviving Genocide

The courts are currently deciding a case that takes up the ongoing legality of the Governor's emergency orders. Dentists are having trouble finding PPE. Portland has one of the longest standing female football teams in the country. And we listen back to a conversation with two survivors of genocide.

Think Out Loud

Federal Debt | Risk Psychology | Comedy

Where does all the federal stimulus money come from? Also, how do different people assess risk? And how are comedians finding humor in these times?

Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | Mothers With Opioid Addiction | Tribes Cancel Activities

A program created to help pregnant women addicted to opioids has reduced the number of children placed in foster care. The pandemic has interrupted tribal efforts intended to prevent suicide. And our news roundtable guests share opinions and analysis on some big stories from the week.

Think Out Loud

Reopening Counties | Summer Programs

Some counties in Oregon have received permission to start reopening. And Portland Parks and Recreation has closed most summer programs.

Think Out Loud

POC Businesses | Primate Sanctuaries | See-Through Masks |TriMet Driver

Local business leaders say POC-owned small businesses need aid. Sanctuaries for primates are particularly hard hit right now. A local high school student is creating see-through masks. And a TriMet bus driver tells us about his days.

Think Out Loud

Distance Learning | Environmental Impacts | Oregon State Parks

How is distance learning affecting already struggling students? We discuss the environmental effects of the pandemic. And we hear from three Oregon mayors about the reopening of some state parks. 

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Oregon's Teacher Of The Year: Distance Learning Is Failing Vulnerable Students

Oregon's Teacher of the Year is sounding an alarm. Mercedes Muñoz says that distance learning is a farce — that it’s no substitute for in-person community, care and attention.

Think Out Loud

Trees In Trouble | Phase 1 Reopening | People With Disabilities

The governor is announcing new guidelines in her plan for reopening Oregon. Trees in the west are in trouble for a number of reasons. And we hear how people with disabilities are affected by the pandemic. 

Health | News | local

Study Of COVID-19’s Spread Seeks To Track Thousands Of Oregonians

The “Key to Oregon” study aims to recruit 100,000 Oregonians to give leaders a real-time look at the COVID-19 situation in the state — and guide response and reopening.

Think Out Loud

OHSU Study | Teacher Of The Year | Poet Laureate

A new OHSU study aims to give state officials data on how and when to reopen. Oregon's Teacher of the Year has some concerns about remote learning. And Oregon has a new poet laureate.

Think Out Loud

Meat Processing | Sequencing The COVID-19 Virus | Homeless Measure

This hour we check in on meat industry in Oregon, talk with a researcher who is sequencing the new coronavirus, and hear pros and cons of the Metro measure to raise taxes to help homeless people.

Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | Long-Term Care | Ana del Rocío

We get opinions and analysis on the news of the week. The official responsible for advocating for seniors in long-term care in Oregon tells us about his work. And we learn about community organizing in these times. 

Think Out Loud

Portland Streets | Counseling | Book Club

Portland will close some streets to car traffic to help with social distancing for pedestrians and cyclists. What does therapeutic counseling look like during the pandemic? And we discuss "Ammonite."

Think Out Loud

Vote By Mail | Unemployment | Justin Livingston Interview

Other states are looking to see what they can learn from Oregon's vote by mail system. The state's unemployment department is overwhelmed with applications. Justin Livingston is running for Rep. Greg Walden's congressional seat.

Think Out Loud

Ramadan Begins | Greg Walden | Wilson Interview

How will the Muslim holy month of Ramadan be affected by the pandemic? Rep. Greg Walden tells us about his role on the committee looking into re-opening the U.S. And Keith Wilson is running for the Portland City Council seat currently held by Chloe Eudaly.

Think Out Loud

Warm Springs | Harney County | Gun Sales | Mingus Mapps Interview

The Warm Springs Indian Reservation has two cases of COVID-19; Harney County wants to reopen; gun sales are up; and Mingus Mapps  makes his case for a seat on the Portland city council.