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Producer, Think Out Loud

Samantha Matsumoto

Samantha Matsumoto is a producer for OPB’s daily talk show, “Think Out Loud.”

She previously worked as a breaking news reporter at The Oregonian. Her work has also been featured in Willamette Week and the Austin American-Statesman.

She graduated from the University of Oregon in 2016 with a degree in journalism.

Samantha is a proud native Oregonian and will gladly provide recommendations for the best restaurants in her hometown of Hillsboro.

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Recent Articles

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Facial Recognition | Highway 199 | Homeless Survey

Portland is considering restricting facial recognition software. Rural Highway 199 is one of the most dangerous in the state. And a new report asked homeless Portlanders how they would like first responders to treat them.

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Fire Chief | Cannabis Lawsuit | Cowgirls

Today's topics: Portland's first African-American fire chief. Wine versus cannabis. And women participating in rodeos.

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Public Health Crisis | LGBTQ Rodeo | Larnell Bruce Foundation

Oregon cities are declaring addiction a public health crisis. A photography exhibit shows life at gay rodeos. Larnell and Natasha Bruce advocate for stronger hate crime laws after the murder of their son.

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Funeral Homes | SRO 2.0 | Plastic Recycling

Oregon isn’t inspecting funeral homes as often as it’s supposed to. A new housing complex in Portland's Kenton neighborhood is using the single room occupancy model to house low-income people. And Oregon Metro is partnering with private groups to reduce plastic in landfills. 

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Veterinarian Suicides | Volcanoes | Faith Healing

Suicide rates among veterinarians are very high. How closely are we monitoring active volcanoes in the Pacific Northwest? And a new documentary focuses on the religious group Followers of Christ.

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PCUN Leader | Dams | Extracurricular Accessibility

Longtime PCUN director and co-founder Ramon Ramirez just retired. Two dams in Newport are in danger of failing. And a southern Oregon school district is dropping fees for extracurricular activities.

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News Roundtable | Cheap College Textbooks | Passport Denials

We get opinions and analysis on some of the week's big stories. Chemeketa Community College is printing its own textbooks and saving students big bucks. And we hear about the Oregonian who was denied a passport.

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North Plains | Oregon Trail | Police Review Director

North Plains is one of the fastest growing cities in Washington County. A video game inspired a South Dakota first-grader to visit the Oregon Trail. A former prosecutor is the new director of Portland's Independent Police Review. 

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Interstate 5: Vancouver | Teaching About Genocide | Canton Grill

A Chinese restaurant in Portland celebrates 75 years. The Vancouver mayor is a proponent of a new Interstate 5 bridge. Also, we learn what it takes to teach high school students about the Holocaust and genocide

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Protest Preview | News Roundtable | Police Oversight

The news roundtable will take up some of the biggest news of the week, including the upcoming protest in Portland. We'll also hear from the community advisory board to the Portland Police.

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Migrant Leaders | Women On Bikes | Tracking Hate

A summer camp gives opportunity to children of migrant farmers. A group wants to improve how the city responds to hate incidents. Also, how is the bicycle a tool for social activism?

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Immigration | Yaks | Oregon Shakespeare Festival Director

How might Oregon residents be affected by new federal rules on public benefits? What's it like to raise yaks in the Northwest? Also, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival has a new Artistic Director.

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Mobile Home Co-op | Nature Prescriptions | Endangered Species

Some doctors are giving prescriptions to get outdoors. A mobile home park in Washington recently became a cooperative. The federal government has made changes to the Endangered Species Act.

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Activists Surveilled | News Roundtable | Sucker Fish | Family Leave

Police have been monitoring environmental activists trying to stop a natural gas terminal. Oregon's paid family leave bill is signed today. Tribes and the federal government are working to save the sucker fish. And we discuss other news of the week.

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Earthquakes | Totem Pole | African American Footwear Forum

Oregon is falling behind on earthquake preparedness. Students build a totem pole at a Eugene high school. Portland hosts the African American Footwear Forum. 

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Prayer Vigil | Women In Tech | Ashland Ordinance | Giant Wasps

A prayer vigil is held in Portland for gun violence victims. White tech workers believe diversity efforts are working. Ashland police want to know suspects' names and dates of birth. An outbreak of large wasps in Central Oregon.

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News Roundtable | Racism In Schools | Gun Violence Documentary

A new documentary explores the impact of gun violence. We hear how Portland schools are dealing with racist incidents. And we get opinions and analysis on this week's news. 

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Dying Trees | Mazamas | REBROADCAST: Lost In The Woods

Hot summers are killing some of Oregon's native trees. The Mazamas celebrate 125 years. And we listen back to an interview with a man who got lost in the woods when he was 6.

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News Roundtable | Teaching Agriculture | Origins Of ‘Oops’

We hear about the origins of the word "oops," teaching young kids about agriculture, and get some opinions and analysis of the week's news.

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Business Tax | Medical Debt | Teen Jeopardy

The group aiming for a ballot measure to repeal Oregon's new gross receipts tax has called off the effort. A church in Medford is buying medical debt. A Portlander won the Jeopardy Teen Tournament.