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Producer, Think Out Loud

Samantha Matsumoto

Samantha Matsumoto is a producer for OPB’s daily talk show, “Think Out Loud.”

She previously worked as a breaking news reporter at The Oregonian. Her work has also been featured in Willamette Week and the Austin American-Statesman.

She graduated from the University of Oregon in 2016 with a degree in journalism.

Samantha is a proud native Oregonian and will gladly provide recommendations for the best restaurants in her hometown of Hillsboro.

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Recent Articles

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Damascus Dilemma | Kicker

The next kicker could be the biggest in state history. Also, Damascus was a city, then it wasn't, and now it is again — for now. 

Economy | News | Politics | NW Life | local | Think Out Loud

Represented: Rethinking Single-Family Zoning In Oregon

We hear from a developer, a realtor, an academic and two elected officials on Oregon's bill to allow middle housing in single-family neighborhoods.

Think Out Loud

Workplace Discrimination | Legislative Walkout | Overdose Sentencing

A bill would impose mandatory minimums for those who supply drugs that lead to an overdose death. Also, lawmakers consider a proposal to boost protections for workers suing their employers for discrimination.

News | Education | local | Think Out Loud

Title IX Changes | Speed Limits

Have reduced speed limits on residential streets in Portland made a difference? Also, how is the federal government going to change Title IX rules and how have UO and other institutions been responding?

News | local | Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | Norma Paulus | Healing From Trauma

A local program helps Latina immigrant women heal from trauma. Also, we'll learn more about the first woman elected as Oregon’s secretary of state. And we hear opinions on this week's biggest local news.

News | Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | School Custodian | Whales

A custodian at a local elementary school is finalist for a national award. Also, an author of a new book about whales tells us about these large mammals. And we talk over some news of the week.

Think Out Loud

Mortgage Tax Deduction | Women's Basketball | School Boards

This hour we talk about: proposed Oregon changes to mortgage interest tax deductions, support for collegiate women's sports and the challenges of serving on a public school board. 

Think Out Loud

Geri Richmond | Responding To White Nationalism | Kids Radio

This hour: a new toolkit to help educators respond to white nationalist recruitment; a new radio station aimed at children, and Linus Pauling Legacy Award winning UO professor Geri Richmond.

Think Out Loud

Nuclear Energy History | Native Youth Mentorship | FBI Recruiting

We talk about the history of nuclear power in the Northwest. A program helps incarcerated Native youth find mentorship. And we hear about efforts to increase diversity in FBI recruiting.

Think Out Loud

Mercy Corps And NASA | Cannabis Research | Relief Nurseries

Mercy Corps has teamed up with NASA to help vulnerable communities. The Tulalip Tribes is funding research on cannabis as a treatment for opioid addiction. And we learn more about relief nurseries.

Think Out Loud

Talking About Suicide | Seattle Documentary | Feminism For Boys

How should the media cover suicide? Also, a documentary about homelessness in Seattle has a lot of people talking. And a local author writes a children's book about young boys' role in feminism.

Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | 'Mother Winter'

Sophia Shalmiyev talks about her memoir "Mother Winter," and we get some opinions and analysis of some big stories from this week's news. 

Think Out Loud

NCAA Tournament | Nuclear Energy | REBROADCAST: 'Shrill'

Three Oregon college basketball teams have made it to the NCAA Sweet 16. Also, where does nuclear energy fit into the country's energy plans? And we'll listen back to an interview with Lindy West, whose book "Shrill" has just been turned into a show on Hulu.

News | Think Out Loud

Cannabis Users | Winter In Antarctica | Diversifying The Census

Who are Oregon's cannabis consumers? Also, officials are working to make sure immigrants and communities of color aren't left out of the census. And a team of researchers heads to Antarctica for the winter.

Think Out Loud

Restraint In School | Legal Records | Age Discrimination | Burger Union

Little Big Burger workers have unionized. A new bill would punish age discrimination. One public library offers access to court records. And students have been physically restrained without their parents' knowledge.

Think Out Loud

Foster Care Bills | PPB Cadets | Mental Health Response

A new plan for law enforcement response in Portland. Police cadets share their experiences. And legislative fixes for foster care.

News | local | Politics | Climate change | Communities | Think Out Loud

Students Protest Climate Policy | News Rountable | Transportation & Climate

We hear from Portland high school students protesting climate change, and hear from the head of the Oregon global warming commission. Plus we get opinions on regional stories from our news roundtable.

News | Think Out Loud

Hate Crime Trial | Music Millennium | Northwest Comic

The music industry has changed a lot in the 50 years that Portland record store Music Millennium has been open. We get an update on a hate crime murder trial that started this week. Also, two local comic book writers have set a new DC Comics series in the Pacific Northwest.

News | local | Environment | NW Life | Entertainment | Politics | Think Out Loud

Talking Business | Hazel Hall | Plastic Bag Ban

We discuss business news, the late poet Hazel Hall and a proposed statewide ban of single-use plastic bags. 

Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | Supporting Foster Care Youth

Opinions and analysis on the news of the week. And a look at a program that helps foster care youth become successful, independent adults.