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Producer, Think Out Loud

Samantha Matsumoto

Samantha Matsumoto is a producer for OPB’s daily talk show, “Think Out Loud.”

She previously worked as a breaking news reporter at The Oregonian. Her work has also been featured in Willamette Week and the Austin American-Statesman.

She graduated from the University of Oregon in 2016 with a degree in journalism.

Samantha is a proud native Oregonian and will gladly provide recommendations for the best restaurants in her hometown of Hillsboro.

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Recent Articles

Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | Teaching Agriculture | Origins Of ‘Oops’

We hear about the origins of the word "oops," teaching young kids about agriculture, and get some opinions and analysis of the week's news.

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Business Tax | Medical Debt | Teen Jeopardy

The group aiming for a ballot measure to repeal Oregon's new gross receipts tax has called off the effort. A church in Medford is buying medical debt. A Portlander won the Jeopardy Teen Tournament.

local | News | NW Life | History | Think Out Loud

Oregon Company Town Lives On In Man's Memories And Model Trucks

At one point, the company town of Kinzua was the largest town in Wheeler County. Now, all that's left is a golf course. But one man is working to preserve Kinzua's history. 

Think Out Loud

'Bundyville' Podcast | 'Aloha Rodeo'

We get a preview of the new season of the "Bundyville" podcast out today. And learn about the history of Hawaiian cowboys. 

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Mitchell's Mayor Is Also The Barber, Pastor And Bus Driver

In the tiny town of Mitchell, Oregon, 125 residents have to wear multiple hats to keep the city running.

Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | Combating The ‘Summer Slide’ | Sauvie Island Swim

We hear about how one school district is trying to stop the "summer slide." A woman attempted to become the first to swim all the way around Sauvie Island. And we talk about this week's big news stories. 

Think Out Loud

Interstate 5 Series | Tomanowos | Homeless Laundry

What is the future of Interstate 5 through Portland? A new exhibit highlights a meteorite sacred to Native Americans in the Willamette Valley. A new facility offers portable showers and laundry for homeless people in Portland.

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News Roundtable | REBROADCAST: 'Cop Out'

We hear opinions and analysis on this week’s news, then listen back to our conversation about "Cop Out," a series of monologues based on interviews with police officers. 

local | News | History | Think Out Loud

Talking Business | Aging Inmates | Francke Brothers

The brothers of former Oregon Department of Corrections director Michael Francke have been fighting for the release of the man accused of his murder for 30 years. Also, Oregon's prison population is aging fast. And we discuss the latest business news.

News | Agriculture | Education | Business | local | Sustainability

For Oregon Hemp Farmers, The Future Is Green

After being legalized in the 2018 Farm Bill, many are calling hemp the crop of the future. Oregon State University launched the Global Hemp Innovation Center, and farmers are also racing to discover the opportunities–and the challenges–of cashing in on Oregon’s fastest-growing crop.

News | Think Out Loud

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown | Youth Drag Queen

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown reflects on the 2019 legislative session. And an 11-year-old drag queen shares their story.

Think Out Loud

Oregon Senate President | News Roundtable | 'I Am A Stranger Here Myself'

We hear about the Oregon's longest-serving Senate president, talk about some of the biggest news of the week and talk with Debra Gwartney about her new book, a blending of pioneer history and memoir.

Think Out Loud

Salem Update | Inmate Tutors | Job Corps

We get an update on what's happening with the legislature in Salem. A GED program at a prison in Washington is using fellow inmates as tutors. And Job Corps programs may not be closing after all.

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Missing Middle Bill: REBROADCAST

A bill in the Oregon Legislature would require cities to allow duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes in single-family zoned areas.

News | Think Out Loud

Madras Graduation Rates | Okinawa Film | TV Pioneers

We hear about rising graduation rates for Native American students at Madras High School; a student documentary about an American military base in Okinawa; and the little-known TV pioneer Peg Lynch.

Think Out Loud

Oregon Wedding Cake Case | Gulley Case | Climate Curriculum | Pride On The Coast

We hear about the investigation into the death of Otis "TeTe" Gulley, get the latest on the climate change curriculum at Portland Public Schools, hear about a pride celebration on the Oregon Coast and talk about the U.S. Supreme Court referring an Oregon same-sex wedding cake case back to the state courts.

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Stimson Lumber | Privacy Data | ICE Custody | Police Captain

Stimson Lumber is cutting jobs. Portland will use smartphone data to study transportation.A detainee died last fall at the ICE detention center in Tacoma. And we listen back to a conversation with the first transgender PPB captain.

local | News | NW Life | Think Out Loud

Talking Business | Public Defenders | Orca | Child Welfare

The Lummi Nation wants to bring an orca in a Florida aquarium home to Washington State. Members of the Child Welfare Oversight Board join us. Some public defenders are on strike. And we get the latest business news.

local | News | NW Life | Think Out Loud

Busing & Homelessness | Trans Cancer | Wolf Plan

We hear about programs to offer homeless people bus tickets out of town, "Trans Dudes With Lady Cancer" and Oregon's new wolf plan.

Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | Rowing The Pacific | Wheeler County Sheriff

We get opinions and analysis of some big news stories from this past week; meet a guy who is rowing across the Pacific Ocean (yes, you read that right); and sit down with the sheriff of Wheeler County.