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Regional Correspondent, Northwest News Network

Tom Banse

Tom Banse is a regional correspondent for the Northwest News Network, covering business, environment, public policy, human interest and national news across the Northwest.

Tom has covered state government and the Washington Legislature for more than a decade. He got his start in radio at a public radio station in southern Minnesota, WCAL.

Reared in Seattle, Tom graduated from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota with a degree in American Studies.

Tom enjoys exploring the Olympic Peninsula backcountry and cooking dinner with his wife and friends.

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Recent Articles

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Check Out This 520 MPG Car. It's Built By Northwest Students

The Shell Eco-Marathon is taking place at the Sonoma Raceway in northern California. Category winners are expected to achieve more than 3,500 miles per gallon this year.

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Interior Secretary Downplays Possibility Of Drilling Off NW Coast

In congressional testimony Wednesday, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke said he has heard the strong opposition from the West Coast to the Trump administration's plan for offshore oil and gas drilling.


Northwest Author Trying To Get Movie Rights Clear Of Weinstein Company

A Northwest author is hoping the movie rights to his recent nonfiction bestseller shift away from The Weinstein Company. The Hollywood studio's upcoming...

News | Environment | local

Washington Coastal Counties Try To Avoid Future Tsunami Alert Glitches

Emergency managers from Washington coastal counties and tribes practiced tsunami alert communication and coordination with state and federal partners...

Technology | News | local

Defense Contractor Stops Drone Testing After Crash, Fire In Pendleton

No one was hurt when the 150-200 pound reconnaissance drone crashed soon after takeoff from Eastern Oregon Regional Airport. The crash set a field of wheat stubble on fire.

Technology | News | local | Economy | Business

Central Washington Utility In Pursuit Of 'Rogue' Bitcoin Miners

A public utility in north-central Washington state wants to root out a new kind of outlaw: the rogue bitcoin miner.

News | Environment | local

New SW Washington Tsunami Maps Show 'Shocking' Flooding

The worst-case scenario for flooding from a tsunami along the Pacific Northwest coast just got even worse.

News | local | Politics

Washington To Inventory Collapse-Prone Buildings

The state of Washington is allocating $200,000 to inventory how many old buildings statewide could collapse in an earthquake.

Transportation | News | Environment | local | Energy

Electric-Powered Ferries Could Be Coming To Washington

Now that electric cars are a common sight on the nation's highways, and prototypes exist for electric trucks and airplanes, could electric ferries be next?

News | Environment | local | Unprepared: Will We Be Ready For The Megaquake In Oregon?

Are You Prepared To Camp In Your Home After The Cascadia Quake?

When The Big One happens, emergency planners and geologists expect the vast majority of us will survive. But help could take a long time to reach your area after the quake.

News | Environment | local | Politics

Earthquake Early Warning Gets Big Boost In New Federal Budget

An earthquake early warning system under development for the West Coast gets a major boost in the new federal budget that President Donald Trump signed into law Friday.

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Carpool Apps Expand In Pacific Northwest

Google subsidiary Waze is launching a carpool app statewide in Washington Tuesday. The company is the latest to see opportunity in the carpool organizing business in the Pacific Northwest.

Transportation | News | local

British Columbia To Contribute To Portland-Vancouver Bullet Train Study

The Canadian province of British Columbia will support and has agreed to contribute money to further study of bullet train service from Portland to Seattle to Vancouver.

News | local

Portland Earthquake Study Estimates Wide Variation In Impact

A new study of likely earthquake impacts in the Greater Portland region finds the exact timing and season make a big difference when it comes to casualties and damage.

News | Environment | local | Fish & Wildlife

Not Too Late To Save Critically Endangered Orcas Say State Leaders And Feds

The Pacific Northwest's beloved orcas will not survive unless humans do more to ensure adequate food and cleaner, quieter waters. 

News | local | Politics

Public Vote Demanded On Washington's Police Deadly Use Of Force Law Change

Professional initiative sponsor Tim Eyman, who wasn't previously involved on this issue, filed a lawsuit that argues the Legislature wrongly denied the voters a say on the law change.

News | local | Politics

Wheelchair Taxis, Blood Delivery Drivers Get Access To Wash. Carpool Lanes

After several tries, blood bank couriers and wheelchair taxis with just one person on board have won coveted access to carpool lanes in order to provide better service.

News | local | Business

Airlines Recruiting Like Crazy To Address Pilot Shortage

Recruiters from nearly a dozen regional airlines gathered at the Northwest Aviation Trade Show to meet aspiring pilots and students.

Transportation | News | local | Politics | Business

Electric Car Incentives In Northwest Teetering On The Brink

If you're thinking about buying an electric car in Washington state, you might want to act fast. That's because the state Legislature is on the verge of letting a hefty sales tax break expire.

Technology | News | local | Politics | Business

Washington Net Neutrality Bill Signed Into Law, Oregon On Deck

Your internet service should be free of slow lanes and corporate favoritism if legislation just signed in Washington state and awaiting the governor's signature in Oregon works as intended.