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Regional Correspondent, Northwest News Network

Tom Banse

Tom Banse is a regional correspondent for the Northwest News Network, covering business, environment, public policy, human interest and national news across the Northwest.

Tom has covered state government and the Washington Legislature for more than a decade. He got his start in radio at a public radio station in southern Minnesota, WCAL.

Reared in Seattle, Tom graduated from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota with a degree in American Studies.

Tom enjoys exploring the Olympic Peninsula backcountry and cooking dinner with his wife and friends.

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Recent Articles

Transportation | local | Environment | News | Unprepared: Will We Be Ready For The Megaquake In Oregon?

Pace Of Seismic Retrofits Picks Up To Help Drivers Get Around After 'The Big One'

Oregon and Washington officials have identified hundreds of bridges that still need to be replaced or retrofitted to withstand a magnitude 9 earthquake from the offshore Cascadia fault zone. But the pace of highway reinforcements is picking up.


Olympic Skiers From Oregon Bounce Back From Big Hurts

Fractured bones, busted knees and concussions are just a few of the job hazards for professional ski racers.

News | Recreation | Sports | local

Oregon Athletes Clinch 2018 Winter Olympics Slots

Two more Pacific Northwest athletes are heading to the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Transportation | Business | News | Environment | Politics | Economy | local

Buying An Electric Car In Oregon Or Washington? Tax Incentives Are Changing

If you're considering buying an electric car in Oregon or Washington, you might want to pay attention to possible changes in tax policy.

Transportation | News | local

Amtrak Gives Oregon, Washington Timetable For Activating PTC

Amtrak's CEO has given Oregon and Washington state officials a timeline for when the company will activate automatic safety braking systems in the...

News | local

Driver Nearly Crushed By Derailed Amtrak Train Haunted By Memories

Cecilia Goetz was commuting to work in Olympia on the Monday before Christmas. She passed under a railway bridge at the very moment Amtrak Cascades train 501 came flying off the tracks.

News | local | Election

Washington Likely To Vote On Increased Police Shooting Accountability

Washington state voters will likely get to weigh in on police use of deadly force. A ballot measure on that subject turned in around 360,000 voter signatures Thursday afternoon.

News | NW Life

Washington: PTC To Be Operational Before Trains Resume Derailment Route

Washington State's Department of Transportation will require positive train control be operational before the resumption of Amtrak Cascades service on the tracks parallel to Interstate 5.

Technology | News | Business | local | Economy

Australian Drone Engine Maker Opening Factory In Hood River

The unmanned aircraft industry cluster in the Columbia River Gorge is growing yet again.

Transportation | News | Business | local | Economy

A Lindbergh Grandson Takes Helm Of 'Personal Air Taxi' Startup

An aviation visionary from the Seattle area with a famous last name has joined the crowded field of personal air taxi startups.

Business | Environment | News | Economy | Energy | local

Virtual Currencies Putting Real Demand On Central Washington's Cheap Electricity

The meteoric rise in the value of bitcoin and lesser-known virtual currencies is having a real-world effect in the Pacific Northwest.

Politics | local | Environment | News

Longview Coal Terminal Developer Using Courts To Keep Project Alive

In recent months, the Millennium Bulk Terminals project has suffered repeated setbacks, mainly in the form of permit denials.

Technology | News | Business | local | Nation

Northwest Company Helping Hurricane Victims Get Back Online

More than two months after Hurricane Maria, some people in Puerto Rico and Dominica still lack internet connectivity. One Pacific Northwest company is helping hurricane victims in the Caribbean get online.

News | local

Massive Illegal Cannabis Grow In Western Washington Allegedly Has Connections to China

We're learning more about a massive illegal marijuana growing operation busted by police in Western Washington this week. One unusual aspect of this case is that the 44 people arrested at a network of grow houses were all Chinese.

local | NW Life | Environment | News

Certified Green Homes Grabbing Market Share In Pacific Northwest

For the first time last year, the majority of new homes built in Seattle were built "green."

local | Environment | News | Unprepared: Will We Be Ready For The Megaquake In Oregon?

Geologists Keep Finding More Northwest Earthquake Faults

Shallow, active earthquake faults are being discovered all over Oregon and Washington. Collectively, these may present a higher risk than the better known offshore Cascadia subduction zone.

News | Business | local | Economy

Washington Unemployment Again Touches Record Low

The statewide unemployment rate in Washington again touched a record low of 4.5 percent in October.

Technology | News | Business | local | Transportation

Airbus Flying Robo-Taxi Arrives In Oregon To Begin Flight Testing

The battery-powered, self-flying aircraft has been reassembled after shipping and is now undergoing ground tests at Pendleton, Oregon's airport.

Transportation | News | local

Alaska Airlines To Discontinue Flights To Cuba

Alaska Airlines will discontinue flights to Havana after the holidays. Alaska joins a parade of other U.S. carriers who are trimming back flights to Cuba or dropping service entirely.

News | local | Politics

Compliance With Toughened NW Distracted Driving Laws Needs Improvement

Tough new laws against handling a cell phone behind the wheel took effect in Washington and Oregon this year. But enforcing those laws has proved tricky.