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Regional Correspondent, Northwest News Network

Tom Banse

Tom Banse is a regional correspondent for the Northwest News Network, covering business, environment, public policy, human interest and national news across the Northwest.

Tom has covered state government and the Washington Legislature for more than a decade. He got his start in radio at a public radio station in southern Minnesota, WCAL.

Reared in Seattle, Tom graduated from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota with a degree in American Studies.

Tom enjoys exploring the Olympic Peninsula backcountry and cooking dinner with his wife and friends.

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Recent Articles

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What's In Your Wallet? It's Time For Air Travelers To Get Real About Real ID

Effective this October, a standard Oregon or Washington driver's license won't pass muster with the Transportation Security Administration to board a domestic flight.

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Who Doesn't Like Free? Legislature Ponders Washington State Park Entry Fees

Remember back when it didn't cost anything to visit a state park for the day? A senior Republican in the Washington Legislature says the state's budget surplus should make it possible for park access to be free again.

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Moses Lake Airport Close To Maxing Out On Boeing 737 Storage

The Boeing Company is close to maxing out the storage space it has leased at the Moses Lake, Washington, airport for its grounded 737 Max airliners.

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'Just Get On And Go!' Olympia Transit System Goes Fareless

As of the New Year, no bus fare is needed to ride the Olympia area's Intercity Transit.

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Chinook Tribe Back In Court Monday On Long Quest To Regain Federal Recognition

The decades-long quest of Chinook tribal members to regain federal recognition gets another airing in court on Monday.

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Plans To Beef Up Amtrak Cascades Service In 2020 Beset By Multiple Uncertainties

There is still no fixed date to return Amtrak trains to the bypass route south of Tacoma.

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2020 Census Kicks Into High Gear Next Month With State Taxpayer Assist

West Coast states are spending local tax dollars to boost the response when their turn for the census count comes beginning in March.

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Road Ahead May Charge Washingtonians By The Mile, But Change Rolls Slowly

The panel that sets highway and bridge tolls in Washington is recommending the state follow Oregon's lead and phase in a pay-by-the-mile road tax to make up for expected declines in gas tax revenue.

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Airbus' Pilotless Air Taxi Completes Flight Testing At Pendleton Airport

Airbus has wrapped up flight testing of a pilotless air taxi in Eastern Oregon skies and is moving on. The global aerospace company, along with its rival Boeing and many others, is striving to make flying cars an option for your urban commute someday.

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It Flew! All-electric Seaplane Completes Milestone First Flight Near Vancouver, BC

A fully electric seaplane has made its first flight over the mouth of the Fraser River near Vancouver, British Columbia.  The maiden flight represents a milestone in the long process of reducing the aviation industry's emissions, noise and costs by electrifying short-to-medium distance commercial flying.

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3 Unusual Gifts From Northwest Businesses For The Person Who Has Everything

There are at least three Pacific Northwest companies who may come to your rescue.

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The Big One, Times 2: Research Shows Cascadia Quakes Sometimes Trigger San Andreas Fault

New earthquake research to be presented by Oregon-based geologists next week shows a major quake from the offshore Cascadia fault zone could trigger California's famous San Andreas Fault.

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'That ID Won't Fly:' A Deadline Looms For Northwest Air Travelers

Next October, the Transportation Security Administration will stop accepting regular Washington and Oregon driver's licenses to pass through airport screening checkpoints.

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Supersonic Jets Could Return To Inland Northwest Skies

It's been more than 15 years since a British Airways Concorde made its final landing in Seattle. Now, new companies are poised to bring back supersonic commercial flying back to the Northwest.

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Another Multimillion Dollar Jury Verdict Against Amtrak Stemming From 2017 Derailment

Another passenger badly injured in the Amtrak train derailment south of Tacoma nearly two years ago will collect big-time damages.

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Rail Advocates Still Pushing For Northwest Bullet Train Despite Anti-tax Mood

Pacific Northwest rail advocates are undeterred in pursuing their vision of a bullet train connection between Portland, Seattle and Vancouver, B.C, after Washington's car tab vote.

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Frozen Seafood Performs Better Than Fresh In OSU Taste Test

If consumers came to prefer frozen seafood over fresh, in line with Oregon State University research, it could help the industry become more environmentally friendly.

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Don't Forget To Switch Your Clocks Back This Weekend — Even In The Northwest

The Washington and Oregon legislatures voted by wide margins to ditch the twice-yearly time switch. But it likely won't be the last time West Coast states and provinces adjust their clocks.

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Hunt Is On For Location For Additional Commercial Airport For Puget Sound Region

The hunt is on for a second major airport to serve the Puget Sound region after Seattle-Tacoma International Airport reaches capacity.


Missing your favorite TV channel? Some over-the-air signals just moved

Are you missing your favorite TV channel? Some over-the-air signals in Western Washington, greater Portland and the Tri-Cities region switched...