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Former Videographer and Editor, Oregon Art Beat

Tom Shrider

Tom Shrider is a videographer and editor for Oregon Public Broadcasting's arts documentary show, Oregon Art Beat.

Tom has worked at OPB since 1980, and has seen it change from a sleepy local station to a nationally known production house.

He won a regional Emmy in 2001 for his videography and editing on "The Oregon Story" about Halfway, Oregon.

He loves gardening and travel.

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Put A Bow On It: Eugene Artist Kelly Durian's Next-Generation Neckties

Kelly Durian makes bow ties and suspenders for a new generation from her shop in Eugene.

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Stop Planning, Stop Judging: Painter Jesse Reno's Wild Intuition

Jesse Reno believes in following his intuition when painting, forgoing a plan for his images.

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Lan Su Chinese Garden Welcomes The New Year

The Chinese New Year celebration at Lan Su Chinese Garden introduces us to some cultural activities including the lion dance performance and illuminated lanterns.

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'That's My Art!' Jewerly Designer Ashley Mersereau

That's My Art: Ashley Mersereau is a jewelry maker who lives and works on the Oregon Coast.

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TriMet Orange Line Art

Art Beat rides the new TriMet MAX Orange line to discover a fantastic variety of public art on the run from downtown Portland to Milwaukie.

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Artist Karen Wippich

Karen Wippich worked as a graphic designer for 39 years and has recently started to paint.

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Street Art at Art Along The Rogue

Striking chalk art seen at the Art Along the Rogue festival shows off  it's tromp l'oeil elements.

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Ceramic Showcase

Ceramic Showcase, billed as the largest ceramic show and sale in the country, takes place every spring in Portland.

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Take a Tour of Public Art in McMinnville

Katrina gets a tour of the Public Art in McMinnville from local resident Rose Marie Caughran, who was the public librarian for more than three decades.

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Mixed Media Painter, Jill Mayberg

Jill Mayberg paints colorful and whimsical images of animals, often from photographs she takes herself.

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On View Now: Living With Glass, Museum of Contemporary Craft

Highlighting Museum of Contemporary Craft’s new exhibition “Living With Glass”, an exhibit that delves into the minds of collectors of glass, what they search for, and what they eventually acquire.

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Dan Elster, photographer

Dan Elster is an Ashland photographer, who captures dramatic photos of wildlife in Oregon.

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On View Now: Geezer Gallery

The Geezer Gallery shows art made by people over sixty years of age.


Floral Designer Fran├žoise Weeks Creates Rings, Shoes, Handbags & More

Françoise Weeks creates unique fashion pieces such as rings, necklaces, headpieces and handbags  — all made from a wide variety of plants and flowers.

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Abbie Weisenbloom's House Concerts

Some of the best music in Portland may not be in a bar or concert hall… it might be in a house near you!


Performance: Comedian Anthony Lopez

Watch comedian Anthony Lopez at a recent performance at the EastBurn bar as he explains why the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are awesome.

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Fire Artist Kasia Bilhartz

Kasia Bilhartz takes her work to Burning Man Festival every year. Art Beat spent a day on the farm with this Carson, Washington artist.


Ceramicist James DeRosso Is Not Afraid of Monsters

Meet some of the whimsical — and only slightly scary — creatures created by this Portland ceramic artist.


Portland Art Museum Preview: 'The Body Beautiful'

Explore the Portland Art Museum's current exhibition The Body Beautiful In Ancient Greece.


Portland Playhouse Presents 'Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson'

Portland Playhouse takes on the story of our seventh president with an emo rock musical. We drop in on a rehearsal.