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Think Out Loud

Cap And Trade | Walkout Politics | Intimacy Director

What would the cap and trade bill do? And are walkouts a common political strategy? Also, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival has an intimacy director.

Think Out Loud

News Roundtable | Latinx Farmers | Hair Discrimination

We get opinions and analysis on the week's news. Also, a group of nonprofits is trying to increase the number of farms owned by Latinx residents. And lawmakers are considering a bill that would ban discrimination based on certain hairstyles.

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Antarctic Explorer Colin O’Brady Responds To Scrutiny

Aaron Teasdale’s new article in National Geographic magazine looks deeper into the claims made by Colin O’Brady in promoting his Polar expedition project and the subsequent book. Colin O’Brady responds on OPB's "Think Out Loud." 

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Unity Center | Colin O'Brady | Burning Trash

Adventurer Colin O'Brady responds to criticism from National Geographic. A reporter looks into the challenges facing Unity Center. And a new bill would change the regulations around municipal trash burning.

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Portland Winter Light Festival Lights Up The Night

The Portland Winter Light Festival, a public art show designed to bring light to the dark days of winter, runs through Saturday, Feb. 8.

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Timber Unity | Baroque Orchestra | Light Festival

Timber Unity will rally in Salem tomorrow. The Portland Baroque Orchestra is the third largest period orchestra in the country. The Portland Winter Light Festival aims to lighten up winter's dreary days.

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Mobile Museum Teaches Black History 101 In Portland

Dr. Khalid el-Hakim founded the Black History 101 Mobile Museum to teach the public about African American history. The museum came to Portland Community College campuses in January.

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Climate Change Policy | Indigenous Rights Attorney | Mobile Museum

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is creating a new climate policy. A mobile museum explores black history. And a tribal attorney is advocating to protect indigenous communities from the effects of climate change.