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Vince Patton

Vince Patton retired in 2016 from OPB's outdoor documentary show, "Oregon Field Guide."

Previously, Vince worked in television news for 27 years in Portland, Dallas, Denver and Wichita, Kansas.

He has won 10 Emmy Awards, including six for his work at OPB, and more than two dozen regional and national journalism honors from American Association for the Advancement of Science, Scripps Howard, ACE, SEJ and CINE. In 2003, he was one of a dozen U.S. journalists chosen for a prestigious Knight Wallace Fellowship for a year of study at the University of Michigan.

Vince has a degree from the University of Missouri.

Vince is an avid nature photographer whose images have won honors from the Oregonian and the Oregon State Fair and have been featured in OPB member guides and calendars.  Vince retired from OPB in the spring of 2016. 

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Setting up backyard habitat sounds nice, but does it really make an ecological difference?

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2nd Grade Day At The Bay

2nd grade day at the bay is a tradition in Tillamook where hands-on learning meets the sea.

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A bold project aims to plant 1 million trees and shrubs in a single year in urban and rural Oregon.

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Biologists relocate young trumpeter swans from Alaska and Wyoming to boost populations in Oregon.

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Lost Lake Disappears Down 3 Holes Into Subterranean River

A lake in the Cascades has several holes in it that look and act like bathtub drains.  

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Sea Lion Surge Prompts High Tech Tracking, Hazing & Killings

The government responds to sea lions eating salmon with severe measures.

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Columbia Spotted Frogs require full time water yet find a way to live in the desert.

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Portland Area Learns To Live With Urban Beavers

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Wildlife Crossings Reduce Collisions And Save Lives

Oregon's first wildlife crossing saves lives of deer and drivers. Now ODOT plans another crossing.

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Video Offers First Glimpse Of Cormorant Killings On Columbia River

The public is getting its first glimpse of the government’s killing of thousands of sea birds near Astoria.

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Why Are Humpback Whales In The Columbia River?

Humpback whales have been spotted in the Columbia River just downstream of the bridge to Washington.

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How Oregon Rivers Carried Millions Of Trees

Trucks carry most of Oregon's lumber out of the woods on forest roads. But before that was possible, the timber industry primarily relied on the river — some of which are still recovering.

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Two Sea Lions Die In Trap At Bonneville Dam

Two California sea lions died in a trap at Bonneville Dam after what officials say was a mechanical malfunction.

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'Yuck! This Tastes Like Wood!': Predators Fooled By Lark Decoys

Since 2009, Metro has placed streaked horned lark decoys in the restored St. Johns Prairie to attract the federally threatened species. But instead of wooing the bird, the decoys have lured some seriously baffled predators.

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A Year In The Portland Rose Garden

Follow a year in the Portland Rose Garden with the man who has tended it for two decades.

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Ross Island: History & Present

Visit Ross Island, and find out why this new Portland park is not open to the public.