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As soon as you switch to digital, you can start watching OPB's digital channels right away! Find out how to switch.

Do you live in a rural area? Your digital conversion date will likely be later than that of OPB's full-power stations. Find out more.

Plan to Rescan: If you use a TV with an antenna, be sure to rescan your digital TV or converter box after the digital switch so you receive all the channels available. Find out how to scan


All of your OPB favorites — from children's programs to news and public affairs to NOVA, FRONTLINE, Antiques Roadshow and more — broadcast in high definition.

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OPB Plus

Mysteries, Britcoms, performing arts, investigative journalism, movies, music and more.

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OPB Radio

Hear OPB Radio's FM programming, opbmusic and KMHD Jazz Radio on OPB TV. To hear OPB Radio's FM feed, tune in the primary audio channel. When you first turn on your TV, you're most likely to hear the primary audio channel. To hear opbmusic or KMHD on TV, tune in the second audio program channel (SAP). You can turn on the SAP channel by looking for a button on your TV remote that says "SAP," "MTS" or "Audio Mode." Click this button repeatedly to move from OPB FM to opbmusic to KMHD.

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Not sure if you have digital TV?

How to Scan

What Is Scanning?

When you first set up your digital TV or converter box, you must take steps to find the digital channels in your area. This process is called "scanning" or "searching for channels."

How Do I Scan?

Your digital TV or converter box knows how to scan. To begin scanning for channels, use your remote control and the menu function.

If you have a converter box, you need to scan for channels using the converter box remote (NOT your analog TV remote).
Download the PDF: How to Scan for Channels with Common Converter Boxes

If you have a digital TV and no converter box, you need to scan for channels using your TV remote.

Look for the menu button on the remote and consult your digital TV or converter box owner's manual for instructions. The up/down and left/right buttons move you through the on-screen menu.

Once you start, don't press any buttons until the screen says the scan is complete. This process can take a few minutes.

When Do I Rescan?

Sometimes digital channels will change frequencies. For example, some TV channels, including OPB, will change digital frequencies during the digital switch. Digital TVs and converter boxes will retain old channel locations until they are rescanned — so you must go through the scanning process again to update your TV or converter box with the new channel locations. Anytime you lose a channel that you used to receive, rescan!

Latest DTV Solutions from the FCC:

Since the switch to all-digital broadcasting on June 12, some viewers are having difficulty receiving OPB TV and other local channels. According to the FCC, this problem may occur if converter boxes do not pick up the new frequencies for the digital TV channels. To resolve the situation, try this quick fix:

Consult your owner's manual for your converter box or digital TV and find the scan ("auto-tune," "search") instructions. Then:

  1. Disconnect the antenna from the back.
  2. Rescan without the antenna connected.
  3. Unplug the converter box or digital TV for at least one minute.
  4. Reconnect the antenna; plug the converter box or TV back in.
  5. Rescan the converter box or digital TV one more time.