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Photo Slideshow: Bruce Polonsky

Bruce Polonsky is a local photographer who has been documenting jazz in Portland and elsewhere for decades. Working mostly a hobbyist, he uses a manual camera and develops his own film. Most of his extraordinary photographs are stored in a personal book, part of which he recently digitized for the public to see. His photographic style captures fascinating photographs of artists in their most natural and intimate states.

Local jazz photographer Bruce Polonsky has been photographing jazz musicians for his entire adult life. This is a slide show of some of his work.

Polonsky has been photographing nearly all the Portland Jazz Festivals since the beginning. For him, photographing the Jazz Festival has been a remarkable experience because of the quality of talent that is represented at PDX Jazz. He hopes to be able to photograph artists again this year.

Listen to his story below and scroll through his historical photographs in the slide show above.

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