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Regina Carter: Southern Comfort


Violinist Regina Carter’s newest record, Southern Comfort, is the last in a three-part series exploring her ancestry. The newest record focuses on her father’s deep Southern roots. She poured through the Smithsonian archives to find blues, roots, and Appalachian folk music that her grandparents would have been listening to, and then created modern jazz compositions based on the music she found.

Southern Comfort is much more than a record - it’s a lifetime of memories of a city kid spending her summers in Alabama, bathing in a bucket, and playing with cousins before church. Carter relates stories of  her great-grandmother born into slavery and of her mother rocking her to sleep with the promise of the savory treat, cornbread crumbled in gravy, when she wakes up. Fusing the sounds of her father’s past with modern jazz, the stories behind Southern Comfort are equally as important as the music itself.

Click below to hear her story:

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