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Jack London Revue
529 SW 4th Ave.

March 10, 2018, 9 p.m.

Grammy-winning producer, drummer, and composer Barrett Martin returns with his future jazz ensemble and their 6th studio album, «Transcendence», to be released February 23rd, 2018 on Sunyata Records, Think Indie Distribution, and Sony/Orchard Digital Services. Produced by Barrett Martin and mixed by his production partner Jack Endino, the album features 15 songs that focus on the theme of spiritual evolution, while simultaneously fusing musical elements from around the world. The BMG ensemble makes music that often defies description, blending Jazz, African, Brazilian, and Cuban music, Ambient and Classical music, and a mixture of exotic percussion that ranges from Indonesian gongs and gamelans, to vibraphone, marimba, and even handmade instruments. As Barrett describes it, «Our music is a kind of sonic-painting for the mind, and that's really the best term I can use to describe it. It's rooted in Jazz, but it also has this sonic-sculpture-painting quality and it seems to resonate with people around the world, so I think we're on to something. Our live show is where it really comes to life. The wide variety of musicians who play on the «Transcendence» album are some of the best from the American West Coast Jazz scene.