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Brown Calculus w/ Omari Jazz & SB The Moor

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The Goodfoot
2845 SE Stark St.

Sept. 16, 2018, 8 p.m.

Brown Calculus explores the soundscapes of the post-soul movement. Keyboardist and beat maker, Andre Burgos, and singer/songwriter, Vaughn Kimmons, are Geminis, illuminating the sacredness of Black music, seeking to bring about community on Earth and beyond. They reveal the connection between complicated time signatures and Black divinity, with a cosmic sound that remains grounded. Sharing the same body in their past lives, they perform with melanated synergy.

Jamaal at Good Green PDX.

Omari Jazz is an electronic musician from Birmingham, AL currently living in Portland. His music weaves sentient poly-rhythmic chaos and contemplative ambience to create a vivid Afro-futuristic hallucination.

SB The Moor has been described as “definitely in the weird rap category, like Danny Brown rapping over super theory-based Renaissance music.” The name of his newest project, El Negro by Signor Benedick the Moor, seemed to bear out this idea of someone freakily intelligent and incendiary in the court of King Louis, rapping about the perils of absolutism and the like.