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Carrington—Coltrane—Spalding: Celebrating the Legacy of Geri Allen, Darrell Grant Solo Remembrance (DOUBLE BILL)

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Newmark Theatre
1111 SW Broadway

Feb. 22, 2018, 7 p.m.

For Portland Only

The loss of Geri Allen this summer was emotionally hard sending shock waves through the jazz community as she touched so many of us in a very meaningful way. She also left an indelible mark on the festival with her stirring performance in tribute to Alice Coltrane in 2015 and as the centrifugal force in the trio collective, ACS which debuted here in 2013. It was her wish that Ravi plays for her in Portland and we are humbled by this auspicious occasion. Darrell Grant who worked with her a decade ago at Reed College speaks of Allen in reverential terms as his singular most important influence.