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Cassette Relase Show: Korgy & Bass and Small Skies at Mississippi Pizza

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Mississippi Pizza
3552 N Mississippi Ave.

March 15, 2019, 9 p.m.

Korgy & Bass' side A, '26000:4=2500,' came out on Cavity Search Records last year, but now you can celebrate the release of side B plus a cassette tape release that has both sides on it!

Not quite jazz but not quite hip-hop either, Korgy & Bass have been steadily forging their own, sample-based path. A creative collaboration between drummer and composer Barra Brown and bassist and beat maker Alex Meltzer, the pair took hours of improvisation, chopped it up into 14 tracks, and dropped a beat tape in October via Cavity Search Records. 26000:4=2500 is the duo's third release with the label but is actually just side A, with the second side on its way. Ranging in length from 30 seconds to just under two minutes, the 14 snippets are futuristic and primarily come from several synths (OP-1, Organelle and their namesake microKORG) and an Akai MPC1000 drum machine.

-Vortex Music Magazine