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Film Screening: Where Are You, João Gilberto?

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NW Film Center
934 SW Salmon St.

Jan. 26, 2019, 7 p.m.

In the mid 2000s, German writer Marc Fischer traveled to Rio De Janeiro in search of the legendarily reclusive and prickly João Gilberto, who had essentially disappeared from public life in Brazil many years prior. Gilberto, one of Brazil’s most beloved musical icons—and the inventor of the Bossa Nova—had made a long and illustrious career with albums like Getz/Gilberto and a self-titled effort from 1973, among many others. A mercurial figure in Brazilian music, Gilberto’s often plaintive yet uplifting songs have influenced generations of musicians the world over. Director Georges Gachot picks up where Fischer trailed off—searching the cafes, bodegas, streets, and homes of Rio in search of not just Gilberto, but the traces of his gorgeous music all over the city and in the hearts and minds of its residents.