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The Alan Jones Regeneration Band

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Jimmy Mak's
221 NW 10th

Sept. 26, 2014, 8 p.m.


Tonight, multi-album independent recording artist, Alan Jones, will perform with his newly created “Regeneration Band”.

Alan Jones has established himself as one of the “world’s great living jazz musicians, a completely natural, intuitive and profound musical explorer”. His incredible upbeat attitude and positive energy combine to make him one of the most sought after performers and educators in the business today.

Over the past 3 years, Alan has put his focus on developing his innovative music academy, AJAM.  Now that things are organized and running smoothly, the focus has shifted back to composing, band leading and touring. The Regeneration Band is a product of new inspiration, new ideas and a collaboration with some of the best, most creative young musicians on the scene.

Along with the new band is a body of new, original music inspired by the concept of storytelling.  The communicating of ideas, the trading of tales between good friends, and the significance of how interesting music – along with exceptional musicians – can tell a “story” that directly connects the player to the listener, are the inspiration behind Alan’s new music.

The Regeneration Band is about growth, renewal, change, transformation and the importance of different generations working together and learning from each other.

The band features Alan Jones (drums, composer), Greg Goebel (piano), John Nastos (alto sax), Nicole Glover (tenor sax), and  Jon Lakey (bass).