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The Piano Reimagined: 20 Digitus Duo, Kinzie Steele, Jesse Myers

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1001 SE Morrison

May 24, 2020, 8 p.m.

The Piano Reimagined: 20 Digitus Duo, Kinzie Steele, Jesse Myers

A Northwest showcase of groundbreaking piano music

“The Piano Reimagined” is a collective of modern piano acts from the Northwest that seek to exhibit the diverse genres and breadth of piano artistry available today. This showcase gives us a glimpse of where we’ve been and where we’re going in the piano world by engaging three groundbreaking performers from Portland, Seattle, and Joseph. These artists are a combination of composers, concert hall musicians, and contemporary music arrangers, unbounded by the traditional confines of piano music.

We are grateful to KMHD 89.1 and Classical Pianos in Portland for their programming support.

20 Digitus Duo (Portland) is the piano duo Maria Garcia and Momoko Muramatsu. Selected by Artslandia Magazine as one of the top 50 artists, Maria & Momoko have had successful individual careers that have taken them around the world and to festivals like the Aspen, Tanglewood, Bergen and Casals festivals, as well as performing with groups like the Mark Morris Dance Group, Third Angle, and 45th Parallel. Since their debut as a duo in 2014, 20 Digitus Duo has been hailed by the press as “Dynamite”, “Intrepid”, “Impressive”, and “Twenty Finger Symphonic Sounds of Eclectic Repertoire”. Their goal is to create exciting musical experiences that include classical/contemporary/rock audiences and offer an eclectic choice of music in collaboration with other art forms such as film, visual arts, poetry and dance.

Kinzie Steele (Joseph, OR) is an instrumental piano, drums, and gongs duo. Seth Kinzie and Andy Steele create modern compositions of beauty and space, inspired by the breathtaking mountain landscapes of Northeastern Oregon. They bonded over their passion for expressive, visceral post-jazz and a desire to collaborate on a new genre of music within their rural community. Their performances are alternately soothing and wild, involving a medley of Impressionist compositions & arrangements of rock and romantic music. "When I Was A Tree", the debut LP from Kinzie Steele, was released in 2018. They were the sole acoustic piano act selected to play at the prestigious Treefort Music Fest in 2019, to rave reviews from SSG Music (“Engrossing, engaging post-jazz compositions which will have jaws on the floor and tears in the eye”) and Dæv Tremblay, Quebec (“A frank success”).

Jesse Myers (Seattle) is an adventurous explorer of music that expands the possibilities of the piano. With a strong interest in performance that pushes piano music into new realms, Myers frequently performs music for prepared piano, new music for piano and electronics, as well as traditional classical literature in nontraditional settings. His solo concerts have been featured on King FM, Seattle Magazine, City Arts Magazine, Second Inversion, Seattle Weekly, The Live Music Project, and regularly appear in The Stranger’s curated best concerts. His recent work with the prepared piano and electroacoustic music has led to tours across the country including artist residencies and solo guest performances at universities, conservatories, and music festivals. He will be performing a piano and electronics set, featuring new compositions, a new commission, and work by Steve Reich.  

Tickets: $15 available at the Holocene website starting on March 15. This is a 21+ show. 

“The Piano Reimagined” will also be performing at The Chapel Space in Seattle on 5/21.