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Jazz at Sunrise - Weekend Edition

Your alarm clock never had it so good! From 7-9a.m., KMHD delivers a feel-good mix of jazz that's not too harsh, and not too mellow. It's just right, every Sunday morning! Hosted by Ben "Snacks" Turner.

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Trad Jazz

Traditional jazz, ragtime, stride, Dixieland and more from the '20s, '30s and '40s with longtime KMHD host Phil Brenes.

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The Second Line

The Second Line is all about the music that flows from the birthplace of jazz: New Orleans, LA. The show features classics, undiscovered gems, and the connections and influences derived from the styles created in the cradle of jazz. Host Deborah DeMoss Smith brings her knowledge of the music, the culture and the vocabulary to the air every Sunday!

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Bright Moments

Artist, author and host Lynn Darroch brings you the best of the local scene with guest performances, original spoken word and interviews along with a mix of local and national jazz that can't be beat. It's a great way to get ready for the weekend or relax on a lazy Friday.

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Jazz from the movies and beyond! Both jazz and film have a timelessness to them, and CineJazz weaves the two together with jazz from musicians who were inspired by the movies and movie soundtracks that were inspired by jazz. Broadway and television themes figure into the mix, too. Grab some popcorn, step into the theater as the lights go down and welcome to CineJazz—hosted by Paula Walker.

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Jazz Connections

Host Tony Pacini, a professional jazz pianist, serves up a listening experience that will entertain, educate, surprise and delight! Tune in and hear the stories of landmark musicians and albums throughout jazz story, along with the perspectives of other musicians in the Portland community.

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The Message

The Message is the music! Tune in as host Carlton Jackson brings you the sometimes spiritual, transcendent and powerful sounds of the Civil Rights era, through black consciousness and beyond! Get the message? Tune in on Sundays from 7-10p.m.!

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