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KMHD's Top Singles Of 2017

In jazz, single cuts can contain a dimensionality and completeness that takes pop music a whole album to achieve.  And, as we witness a transition from albums to singles as the primary format for new music releases - a top singles list is essential.

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KMHD's Top 10 Jazz Albums Of 2017

Here at KMHD, we listened to an incredible volume of amazing music in 2017. It’s been a year of releases that remind us why this sound is so important — it uplifts, inspires, reflects and makes space for honesty.


Behind the Mic: Isabel Zacharias

We catch up with Isabel Zacharias, host of Takin' Off every Monday-Thursday from 3-6pm, to find out more about her life on and off the air.

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An Interview with GoGo Penguin

Listen to an interview with GoGo Penguin pianist Chris Illingworth ahead of the band's performance with the Mattson 2 at Portland's Star Theater.

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Jack London Revue Aims To Curate Diverse Range Of Music With Jazz As Foundation

As 2017 began, innumerable music lovers and musicians alike lamented the loss of both Jimmy Mak and his storied venue for jazz.  Downtown Portland has a new venue for jazz called The Jack London Revue.

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The Jazz Detective: How One Man Searches The World For Lost Jazz Recordings

KMHD's Derek Smith sat down with Zev Feldman, a record executive who is known for unearthing some of the greatest discoveries of lost jazz recordings. They call him: The Jazz Detective.

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A Jazz Fact Check Of 'La La Land'

Meet the real musicians of the Los Angeles jazz scene depicted in the Oscar-nominated film.

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Jazz Night in (Latin) America

Pianist Danilo Perez explores the Panama Jazz Festival. 

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KMHD's Top Jazz Albums Of 2016

The KMHD staff listened to a ton of new music this year and chose these as the most vital jazz albums of 2016.