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KMHD's 2018 Soul'd Out Festival Guide

KMHD staff breaks down this year's Soul'd Out Fest schedule day-by-day with our must-see acts and recommendations for any taste.

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KMHD's Top Singles Of 2017

In jazz, single cuts can contain a dimensionality and completeness that takes pop music a whole album to achieve.  And, as we witness a transition from albums to singles as the primary format for new music releases - a top singles list is essential.

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KMHD's Top 10 Jazz Albums Of 2017

Here at KMHD, we listened to an incredible volume of amazing music in 2017. It’s been a year of releases that remind us why this sound is so important — it uplifts, inspires, reflects and makes space for honesty.

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KMHD's Top Jazz Albums Of 2016

The KMHD staff listened to a ton of new music this year and chose these as the most vital jazz albums of 2016.

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David Ackerman Revisited

As a teenager, David Ackerman was fortunate enough to see many jazz acts while growing up in New York City. One of those acts was Charles Mingus, the bassist famous not only for his musical genius but also his legendary temper. This particular show did not disappoint. Follow the link to hear the story.