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Evacuation Order For Oregon's North Santiam Park Fire Downgraded


The Linn County Sheriff's Office announced the Linn County-area fire has been downgraded to a "level 2" evacuation order as of Wednesday morning.

Changing The System Of Restraint And Isolations Won't Be Easy


Everyone is frustrated at the difficulty of shifting away from physical interventions and toward individualized support for children with special needs. But changing the rules is hard.

Vancouver Police Chief: Now Is An 'Opportune Time' To Consider Body Cameras


After a slew of recent police shootings, Vancouver’s police chief is reconsidering his department’s stance on body cameras.

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Should Oregon Lawmakers Make More Money? Some Senators Say Yes

A bill this session would increase lawmaker salaries by 63 percent. Backers say it's the only way to attract diverse candidates. 

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Audit Calls For More Organization Of Portland Homeless Camp Clean-Up Program

Portland's city auditor suggested more organization, clarification and communication on the homeless program's part. 

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Has Tennessee Solved Oregon's Foster Care Crisis?

The Oregon Child Welfare system is in crisis. But now there's some optimism that a shift in mentality — and resources — could help alleviate some of the state’s troubles. Tennessee offers hope. 

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Vancouver Parents Sue, Settle Over Restraint And Isolation Of Disabled Children

In the 2016-17 school year, Vancouver Public Schools restrained students an average of once an hour, every day of school that year.

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Proposal To Regulate Uber, Lyft Spurs Debate In Oregon Capitol

Oregon is the only state without standardized regulations governing ride hailing companies like Uber and Lyft. A proposal to create them is controversial. 

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