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Groups Seek To Take Oregon Redistricting Out Of State Legislature's Hands


A coalition of political and government watchdog groups wants to create a commission to redraw political boundary lines in Oregon following the 2020 census, taking the power out of lawmakers' hands.

Rail Advocates Still Pushing For Northwest Bullet Train Despite Anti-tax Mood

Northwest News Network

Pacific Northwest rail advocates are undeterred in pursuing their vision of a bullet train connection between Portland, Seattle and Vancouver, B.C, after Washington's car tab vote.

Wapato Jail May Be Spared Demolition As Owner Searches For Funder


Jordan Schnitzer is launching another push to convert North Portland’s never-used Wapato Jail into a homeless shelter, a reversal from his Oct. 10 announcement that the demolition of the facility was all but guaranteed.

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Portland Paramedics Get Defensive Training In Wake Of Attacks

The increase in assaults dovetails with a new policy for the transport of patients in a mental health crisis that grew out of a 2012 federal investigation that found police used excessive force against those with mental illness.

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Oregon Wants To Reunite Veterans With Their Missing Medals

The Oregon Department of State Lands is the guardian of $600 million in unclaimed property, including 18 military medals.

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Washington Officials Warn Of Increased Vehicle Collisions During Mating Season

State wildlife officials are asking that you slow down, don’t drive distracted, use your high beams when you can, and brake a little longer if you see just one deer, since often more deer will follow.

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Annual Portland Leaf Day Pickup Runs Through Dec. 20

PBOT's annual leaf clean up began Nov. 7 and will run through Dec. 20, covering a few neighborhoods every day. 

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Portland Public Schools May Push School Improvement Bond To 2021

At a meeting Thursday, Portland Public Schools staff proposed pushing off a school improvement bond to 2021.

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