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3 Coos County Commissioners Signed Petition For Measure They Oppose

Half the commissioner candidates in Coos County signed an initiative petition in support of a ballot measure they publicly oppose.

The World newspaper of Coos Bay reports that candidates Melissa Cribbins, Bob Main and Don Gurney all signed the petition in support of a Coos County home rule charter.

Main and Gurney told an audience last week that although they oppose the measure, they support the right of citizens to collect signatures.

Cribbins said Monday she thinks the charter is a bad idea and it will be easily defeated. If it were to pass, she predicted it would to bring county government to a “screeching halt.”

Measure 6-143 will appear on the general election ballot that will be mailed Oct. 19. Supporters collected 1,521 signatures in August.


Information from: The World,

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