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3 Portland Police Activities Centers May Close Friday

The Greater Portland Police Activities League says it will have to close two of its three children’s centers on Friday — unless it can find emergency funding.

For more than 20 years, police officers and volunteers have entertained thousands of local kids at their centers with everything from football to fishing, archery and art.

Board chair, Mark McGinnis, says the league needs $20,000 as a stop gap to pay various bills. But they’re looking at $100,000 for a more permanent fix. 

McGinnis said, “I don’t want to brand these kids and say, if they’re not here, they’re out making trouble. But I can tell you, if they’re not here, they’re not getting the same opportunities for activities and athletics and tutoring and mentoring and leadership development skills. And then they are at risk of falling into gangs.”

He says the Police Activities League is looking at closing both the Bud Monnes center in Gresham and the Portland Police center in North Precinct.The Beaverton center will remain open. McGinnis says money is low due to tough economic times and reductions in government funding.

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