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At Least 8 Kids Fall From Windows, Authorities Urge Precautions

Authorities say parents with young children should take precautions before opening a window to let in cool breezes.

Portland Fire and rescue officials say that at least eight children in Oregon have fallen from upper-story windows already this summer.

Four were in the Portland area.

A two-year-old child who fell from a second-story window over the weekend was taken to Oregon Health and Science University hospital with head injuries.

Lt. James Ziegler, with Portland fire and rescue, says parents should keep children from playing near windows. Parents should also keep furniture away from windows.

“Making sure there’s nothing in the way of the window, like a bed near the window would be something you’d want to avoid,” he said.

Officials also recommend installing window stops or window guards that can be removed by an adult in an emergency. And windows should be opened no more than 4 inches.


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