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A Little Battle Brews Over 'Smallest Park In The World' Title

The battle between Portland and the English town of Burntwood for the title, “Home of the Smallest Park in the World,” may be turning into an international incident.

Mill Ends Park

Mill Ends Park

Amanda Troxler/OPB

Speaking tongue-in-cheek, the director of Leisure Parks and Play for Lichfield District Council, Neil Turner, says Portland’s two-foot wide Mill Ends Park doesn’t really qualify as a park.

“I think the Guinness Book of Records, obviously sponsored by Guinness, a good old Irish drink. And I do notice that Portland is claiming that it’s home to leprechauns. I think there’s a bit of Irish blarney connected with this world record.”

Turner says Princess Park in Burntwood has been around for 100 years — it’s fenced, with three large trees, a bench and space for children to play.

And now, Mill Ends Park has a fence, too.  A Portlander installed a toy fence after the Brits called the tiny park a “glorified flower pot.”

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