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Portland Police Report Shows Bike Thefts Dropping

A new police report shows bike theft in Portland dropping last year. The Portland Police Bureau took in about 300 fewer reports of stolen bikes than in 2011.

Portland bicyclist (file photo).

Portland bicyclist (file photo).

Amanda Troxler/OPB

Police spokesman Sergeant Pete Simpson says the bureau has tried different ways to reduce bike theft.

The education campaign we have done over the past couple of years where we have really encouraged people to secure their bikes, lock them up, even in their own residential facilities.

Sergio Cisneros/OPB

According to the police reports, U-locks prevented theft far better than cable locks. Bike owners reported finding those broken and left at the scene.

The top three neighborhoods where bikes were stolen were: Downtown, Northwest, and the Pearl District.

Saturday was the worst day of the week for thefts; Trek was the most-stolen brand.

The Portland Police have thousands of unclaimed bikes in storage.

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