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Nonprofit Will Provide Mental Health Care In Klamath County

The state is naming the Klamath Youth Development Center as its choice to provide mental health care for adults in Klamath County. The plan is to have the nonprofit take over services on August 1.

The state has been working to transfer mental health care services to a nonprofit since Klamath commissioners decided the county could no longer afford the service.

Stan Gilbert is the director of the Klamath Youth Development Center. He took the proposed contract before the board members.

“We don’t have any big issues with it. There are a couple of things in there that I think we need to do; take a look at our liability coverage and make sure we are operating consistent with the state limits and some other things. We’re just waiting for a contract that has revenue amounts in it,” Gilbert explained.

Gilbert says that the board will approve the proposed contract and that everything is set to change over on August 1.

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