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A 'Supermoon' Will Be In The Sky This Weekend

A “supermoon” will light up the night sky this weekend. Astronomers say this will be the biggest and brightest full moon of 2013.

A full moon captured July 18, 2008. 

A full moon captured July 18, 2008. 

Sean Smith/NASA

This Sunday the moon and the earth will closer than they’ll be at any other time in 2013.  The full moon will also appear at its largest and brightest.  

Jim Todd is the Planetarium Manager at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. He says that the so-called “super moon” will be about 221,000 miles away from earth. This full moon will affect all coastlines.

“It has a strong tidal effect, which creates a low tide, high tide. The low tide, especially, pretty exciting to go out and then go explore and look for things during the low tide. And then the high tides, creates what we call splashes and storm-like conditions on the coast line,” Todd said.

Todd says that the moon will be a champagne reddish color.

To check your own moonrise time go here.


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