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ACLU Opposes Proposed Sobriety Checkpoints

Washington Governor Chris Gregoire wants to allow police to set-up sobriety checkpoints to catch drunk drivers. But the ACLU of Washington argues checkpoints violate Washington’s constitution.

ACLU spokesman Doug Honig calls it an invasion of privacy.

Doug Honig: “It’s unconstitutional because it involves searching somebody without any reason to suspect that they’ve done anything wrong. And there are legal ways to address the very serious concerns about drunk driving and those are emphasis patrols.”

Emphasis patrols are where police officers focus specifically on stopping suspected drunk drivers. The stops are based on driver behavior behind the wheel.

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Washington, Oregon and Idaho are among eleven states that do not allow sobriety checkpoints.

Governor Gregoire wants the legislature to take up the issue when it convenes next week.