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Activists Observe Occupy Wall Street Anniversary

Some activists in Oregon are observing the one-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street.

The crowd that gathered in New York’s financial district inspired demonstrations across the country, including Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Occupy Portland sign(file photo).

Occupy Portland sign(file photo).


  A number of the people who got involved in local Occupy movements have found their way into different kinds of activism. Occupy Portland still exists, but its numbers have dwindled considerably from the several thousand who showed up at the initial October march.

There are those, like Karen Carr, who still come to Occupy gatherings like this one last Friday night. She says Lower Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park didn’t seem that far away to her. So when Occupy Portland sprang up, she wanted in. 

Carr said, “I went down in solidarity, but then I wasn’t expecting anything like what happened.”

Carr often took her two kids to help at the cooking facilities at Chapman and Lownsdale Squares. Those camps were emptied last November.

She said,”I can hardly drive past them myself, even now.”

Carr says she believes peaceful change will come to America.

Several hundred people arrested during Occupy Portland demonstrations are still working their way through the court system. 

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