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Adams Pledges Decision On Officer

Portland Mayor Sam Adams is promising a decision soon about whether a police officer involved in last month’s fatal shooting will continue on active duty. April Baer reports.

Sam AdamsAdams says in a written release he met with the family of 25-year-old Aaron Campbell. He says their pain, anger and outrage are real, justified, and deserve serious attention.

He says the Campbell family’s primary concern at the moment is the return of Officer Ron Frashour to duty.  

Frashour has been identified as the policeman who shot Campbell to death January 29. 

Adams’ statement indicates a decision on Frashour’s future will be made soon, after he’s discussed the Campbell family’s concerns with Police Commissioner Dan Salzman, and Chief Rosie Sizer.

Adams told OPB, prior to his meeting with the family, that he is taking a more visible role in public safety matters, in concert with Sizer and Saltzman.

Sam Adams “All I ask is that they listen to me, take into consideration what I have to say on these issues, but how they manage our bureaus, under our form of government, is left to them on a day-to-day basis.”

Scott Westerman with the Portland Police Association says it would be wrong to suspend Frashour, since he was only following department procedures.