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Adams Wins Portland Mayor's Race Avoiding Runoff

Portland's next mayor is Sam Adams.  As Andrew Theen reports, the city commissioner avoided a runoff election in the fall by soundly defeating business Sho Dozono.

Sam AdamsSam Adams drew a diverse and raucous crowd of about 150 to Northeast Portland's trendy Jupiter Hotel.

Adams dropped by early on to chum it up with supporters.  Just a half hour after the polls closed he took the stage to thunderous applause.

Sam Adams: "We understand about 2/3 of the votes have been counted, and we're at about 57 percent, so that's pretty good news! [cheers]"

Shortly after that speech, Sho Dozono conceded the race and called Adams to congratulate him. 

Adams said last October that his entire life was an apprenticeship leading up to this moment, but he was clearly surprised that the results came in so soon.

In his victory speech Adams thanked his  mentors former Portland Mayor Vera Katz and Congressman Peter DeFazio. 

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