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Administrator Dinged For Ethics Violations Seeks To Start New School

A top school administrator who violated state ethics rules and was forced out over finances at an Oregon school district is looking to launch a new charter school.  

Terry Kneisler resigned as superintendent of the Reynolds School District in September 2008, after school board members found loose budgeting led to overspending.  

He also ran afoul of state ethics and school administrator rules over his use of medical benefits. 

Kneisler is the board chair and director of the World Citizen School, a charter school proposed to open in 2014. Portland Public School officials expect the school to meet a deadline next month.  

Kneisler said that process is tough enough – and his own history shouldn’t make it tougher.  “I think not — but you know, certainly Reynolds School District went through its own machinations after I left, and some of those things weren’t necessarily of my doing, or caused by me,” he sid.

Kneisler argued that when it came to medical benefits, he was following what others were doing at Reynolds.  

The World Citizen School program emphasizes moral leadership, critical thinking, and problem solving.  

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