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Advice For Parents In Wake Of Shooting

Following reports of a mass killing at a Connecticut elementary school, Oregon school psychologists are offering advice to parents on how to talk to their kids about violence.

With nerves still raw from the Clackamas Town Center shootings, Oregon school psychologists are reaching out to parents.

Janelle Menzia-Murphy led a crisis team at the North Clackamas School District after a high schooler was injured in the Town Center shootings this week.

She says parents should tell children they’re safe, and let the kids talk.

She tells OPB, “Letting them talk about how they’re feeling. Validate that. Just give them a chance to tell their story. Make sure that we’re giving them time to talk. We have to decide developmentally how much to tell them, or what to tell them. But make sure we’re giving them a chance to process it.”

Menzia-Murphy advises maintaining routines for children and emphasizing the steps families already take to stay safe.

The Beaverton School District is also sending out messages. One suggestion is to limit kids’ exposure to media coverage of tragic events.

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