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Advisory Committee Balks At Mayor's West Hayden Island Plan

Mayor Sam Adams’ plan to annex West Hayden Island for industrial development has been on the fast track since October.

West Hayden Island Advisory Committee

West Hayden Island Advisory Committee

April Baer/OPB

The plan, designed to facilitate Port of Portland expansion, has been in the works for four years. But members of an advisory committee rejected Adams’ effort to get a final version passed Wednesday.

Many members of the West Hayden Island Advisory Council expressed deep frustration with Mayor Adams’ presentation of a final proposal just before 9 a.m.

Emily Roth was appointed to the committee to represent recreational interests.

“We’ve been meeting as you know for quite a while, there’s quite a lot of loose ends. We just got the mayor’s proposal this morning, at the meeting, never in advance. We appreciate that the mayor included more details than two weeks ago, but it doesn’t give the guarantees we need to move forward,” Roth said.

The Port of Portland made a statement saying quote, it has “not had a chance to go through the latest version in depth”, but is “pleased with many aspects of it.”

But the Port’s representative joined a majority voting against action on the mayor’s plan today.

The next move comes Tuesday, when Adams takes his plan to the city Planning and Sustainability Commission.

Mike Houck sits on the Commission. He says the Commission will not be driven by Adams’ timeline.

“I guess the bottom line for the commission is that we will consider the proposals, but consider them on our timeline. If we feel as a commission that we need additional time extending into the new year, then so be it,” Houck said.

In a written statement Wednensday, Adams pointed out that the process has gone one for years. He says the future of West Hayden Island must be dealt with soon, whether by the current council lineup, or next year’s officeholders.

Mayor Adams’ Amendments

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