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After Health Worker's Death, Ore. Updates Practices

Six months after mental health worker Jennifer Warren was killed during a medical visit, the state says a new list of best practices for health workers is about to come out.

Warren was fatally stabbed while making a medical visit to Brent Redd at his home in St. Helens. The killing sent shockwaves through the mental health community.

Linda Hammond, the interim director of addictions and mental health with the state, said county mental health organizations across Oregon have been working on a new tool kit for mental health workers - but it takes time.

“We don’t just want to develop more government speak,” Hammond said. “We want to develop more tangible things that people can really get benefit from. We want people to be safer.” 

Hammond expects new policies by the end of the year. They’re expected to detail how supervisors interact with health workers to ensure their physical safety and how workers can best keep current on each patients’ medical status. 

Redd is being held at Oregon State Hospital. He’s charged with murder.

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