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Air Quality In Cave Junction Has Been Found Hazardous

The air quality in Cave Junction has been found hazardous. It’s in part due to the recent wild fires and dry weather in the southwestern part of the state.

Smoke from the Whiskey Complex Fire.

Smoke from the Whiskey Complex Fire.

K. Gregor/InciWeb Incident Information System

Smoke is blowing into the Cave Junction community and does not have a means of getting out based on current weather conditions.

William Knight is a spokesman for the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. He says the hazardous rating is based on a nationwide standard for particulates in the air.

“Folks need to really think seriously about taking some additional measure to protect themselves from the smoke: staying indoors, avoiding contact as much as possible, so they’re not ingesting all the harmful pollution at unsafe levels.”

Knight says the air quality in other areas near the wildfire smoke could become hazardous, too.

An online map to determine the air quality in different parts of the state is available at the DEQ website.

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