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Alberta Businesses Prep For July 4th

Two Alberta businesses will not be setting off fireworks this July 4.

Lucila Cejas Epple / OPB

Barista and the Aviary both suffered extensive water damage from fireworks launched last Independence Day.
Barista was closed for months for repairs, but kept up business with a coffee cart parked in front of the café. Manager Joshua Toole says it wasn’t much trouble for the business to recover.

“Most of our people came right back, and we are just as strong now as we were a year ago,” says Toole.

The Aviary was hit harder. It was also closed for repairs, and that meant missing out on the summer business that usually balances the books. Co-owner Kat Whitehead isn’t looking forward to the fourth.

“After seeing this I am very nervous. I don’t want our business to catch on fire again. I don’t want the house we rent to catch on fire. I don’t want my dog to be scared,” says Whitehead.

This time Whitehead has taken some precautions. For part of the holiday she will be on the Aviary’s roof, fire extinguisher in hand.