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Oregon's Public Universities All Propose Tuition Increases

All of Oregon’s public universities are proposing tuition increases. The proposal would raise tuition and mandatory fees by an average of about five percent.

Oregon’s Board of Higher Education will review the recommendation on June 21.

Different factors are driving tuition rate increases.

Di Saunders is the Director of Communications for the Oregon University System.

Students are really bearing the brunt of the increases that need to be made to hire more faculty to help students get through college on time. If we don’t hire new faculty for those enrollment increases, then students don’t get the courses and class sections they need, it extends their time at the university and, ultimately, makes it more expensive for them.”

Oregon’s state funding for higher education has been decreasing over the last decade. Figures show the state’s share of higher ed funding is lower now than in 1999.  

The proposed tuition hike for the 2013 academic year is the lowest in six years


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