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Altered Clackamas County Ballots Will Be Counted

Clackamas County officials have identified six ballots that may have been altered by a temporary election worker, Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown said Tuesday afternoon. The worker who allegedly altered those ballots has been fired.

“The total number of ballots potentially affected is still under investigation by the Department of Justice,” she said in a statement. “For all potentially altered ballots, Clackamas County elections officials will determine whether or not the original voter intent can be established.  If the original voter intent can be established, the ballot will be counted to reflect what the original voter marked.”

Earlier reports said that potentially altered ballots would not be counted, but that is not correct, said Democrat Brown, whose name is among those on the ballot Tuesday. She faces Republican challenger Knute Buehler.

Clackamas County officials will be overseen by two state election monitors, Brenda Bayes and Fred Neal.

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