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Animal Rights Group Protests BLM's Horse Round-Up

An animal rights group is crying foul as the Bureau of Land Management starts a massive round-up of wild horses Monday. Kristian Foden-Vencil reports.

Earlier this month Federal Judge Paul Friedman suggested the BLM postpone a round-up of about 2500 horses in Nevada — saying plans to stockpile them in Midwestern holding facilities may be illegal.

In Defense of Animals has filed the suit against the BLM saying round-ups traumatize and sometimes injure horses.

IDA spokeswoman, Suzanne Roy, says they're also angry the group was blocked from watching a round-up in Eastern Oregon earlier this month — despite a pledge from the head of the BLM to the Wild Horse Advisory Council that round-ups are open to the public.

Suzanne Roy: "My personal feeling is the BLM chief was just saying that because that's what he thought the advisory board wanted to hear. And then he'll just go on to ignore the public interest in observing these things and conduct business as usual."

A spokesman from the BLM says round-ups are open to the public, but there was no plan in place in Eastern Oregon for a viewing area, transportation or safety.

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