A comprehensive inventory of Astoria's parkland trees completed this summer will help guide future maintenance decisions.

A comprehensive inventory of Astoria’s parkland trees completed this summer will help guide future maintenance decisions.

Colin Murphey/The Daily Astorian

Two years ago, the Astoria Parks and Recreation Department contemplated destroying a giant: an iconic 150-year-old moss-covered bigleaf maple in Alderbrook’s Violet LaPlante Park with an infected and rotting dual trunk.

Through thinning and other measures, the department was able to save the tree for now, but Parks and Recreation Board member Jessica Schleif said then that she hoped the city would one day catalog important and historic trees, old trees that are “really special to us in this community.”

A new tree inventory comes close to accomplishing this goal.

On Monday, the Astoria City Council accepted a report by ArborPro that looked at 1,860 tree sites across the city’s parks, recording the size, species and condition of individual trees. It provides a sort of roadmap for the parks department, said Jonah Dart-McLean, parks maintenance supervisor.

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