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At Intel A Down Year Looks Like Up

Some owners of Intel stock breathed a sigh of relief Tuesday. The Hillsboro chip maker’s revenue only fell 2.5 percent last year.

That compares to a 14 percent drop in worldwide PC sales over the last quarter.

Portland investment advisor Bill Parish owns Intel stock and says he’s pleased.

“I think Intel is aggressively diversifying faster than most people realized. They’re big in data centers. And they don’t say PC’s as much, they say computing devices and that could be a whole, broad range of devices.”

Intel’s numbers come as consumers are increasingly abandoning desktop computers, in favor of mobile devices like tablets and laptops.

Intel is working to increase its share of the mobile market.

The company is also expected to debut a new chip this summer, the Haswell. It’s likely to enable PCs to enjoy some of the features seen in mobile devices — like a touch screen.

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